Kamala’s Facial Contortions Were Too Much to Bear

So much for gravitas! Poster girl for why so few women have made it to the top of the heap in politics?

Why do Democrat women have to look so smug and sound so snarky? 

I watched some of the debate last night between the calm and unflappable Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Biden’s running mate Senator Kamala Harris, but couldn’t bare it at about 30 minutes in, concluding that….

….I do not want to look at that smug face for 4 years!

It is the same gut reaction I had to Hillary’s face.

Clearly ‘the face’ got lots of reactions as The Hill reported in a story about it.

Kamala Harris’s facial expressions during debate go viral

But, believe it or not, the Lefties loved it, saying her facial expressions were the best part of the debate for many. (I guess they didn’t have much else to be happy about.)

From Mashable:

Kamala Harris’ reactions to Mike Pence at the VP debate are all you need to see

They  loved this look!

You know who else likely loved the giggly girl look—Putin and Xi Jinping.

The reaction on the Left to Kamala’s face makes it clear. There is never going to be a coming together, a reach across the aisle moment for America ever!

So, as Rush has said for years, they must be defeated.


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11 thoughts on “Kamala’s Facial Contortions Were Too Much to Bear

  1. I think you meant to use the word “bear” rather than “bare”

  2. Thank you Ann. But I must challenge your choice of words in the title.
    You say: ‘Too much to bare’. Does that mean: “too much to make naked’?

    Or did you intend to convey that ‘Kamala’s Facial Contortions Were Too Much to Bear’, as in, more than I could ‘carry’ or ‘stand”.

    Of course you did not intend to refer to the hairy animal called ‘bear’, but surely, getting naked over Harris’ facial contortions seems like an odd reaction. As much as this Naturists loves getting and being naked, I too cannot ‘bear’ Kamala’s expressions (for long)..

    1. Thanks all for catching that. Always in too much of a hurry these days!

  3. and let’s face it….are these people someone we want to come together with? I’m ready for the “divorce”…

  4. “Heels Up” Harris has zero gravitas. Her smug face may even be worse than Michelle’s….if that’s even possible.

  5. I watched it on Newsmax. Partway into the debate, whoever they got their feed from stopped showing her face when it was Pence’s turn, so they could give her cover for her nasty facial expressions, comments and whatever went on on her side of the plexiglass. I noticed it and commented on it immediately.

    P.S. I think the word you are looking for is bear not bare.

    1. That is interesting…

      And, it is good to know I have such smart readers trying to save me too—from my word choice errors. Just too bad that I didn’t get to my comments for the last couple of days so that I could fix it sooner!

      1. I don’t mind and don’t care about itty bitty mistakes. I make them all the time. Part of it is irritating technology that thinks it is smarter than us and changes things behind our backs. Fat or fast fingers, bad eyesight, and the human spelling/grammar checker is on break. It happens to the best of us. I just wanted you to know since it was in the headline (and content).

        BTW, Creepy Joe Biden, or someone on his behalf, is running ads in my area saying he will immediately cancel the TRUMP tax cuts. That is one of the many questions #HeelsUp wouldn’t answer truthfully and VP Pence skillfully called her on it, repeatedly.

        She was a nasty disaster, not surprisingly, and laid BARE her feelings and hatred toward America and Americans.


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