NJ: Muslim Candidate for Congress Says She is Getting Death Threats

And, CAIR has come to her rescue.

Update April 29: No arrests yet, but 200 women leaders have condemned the act.

From InsideNJ:

CAIR-NJ Calls on FBI to Probe Death Threat Targeting Family of Muslim Congressional Candidate

(SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ, 4/22/2020) – The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ) today called on state law enforcement authorities and the FBI to probe a death threat targeting the family of Muslim congressional candidate Amani al-Khatahtbeh.***

On the evening of April 21, Al-Khatahtbeh reportedly received a phone call from an unknown number threatening to kill her and her family. She received the threat shortly after a virtual town hall she hosted on Instagram.

The caller said in part: “Your parents live at [address]. I will f**king kill them and. . .I will torture them and feed them bacon and f**king pork…As soon as you get off the phone, I’ll f**king go to his house…“Ni**er, you’re Muslim, you f**king ugly Arab Muslim. You terrorist.”

In a statement, CAIR-NJ Executive Director Selaedin Maksut said:

“The chilling death threat exemplifies how Muslim candidates are especially targeted during election cycles.


“We know Islamophobia follows election cycles and is often exacerbated and amplified by the negative rhetoric of political leaders.

“At a time in which our nation is facing an alarming rise in xenophobia, Islamophobia and racism, it is sadly no surprise to see such horrific calls.

These death threats have become all too common for Muslim candidates, but we must not allow ourselves to be numbed by their frequency.

“Political leaders must denounce such hatred in order to protect the safety of Muslim Americans and all minority communities.”

More here.

***Inspired by the success of her role model, Rep. Ilhan Omar, she is running against longtime Democrat incumbent Frank Pallone in the Sixth Congressional District.

In 2018 Rutgers graduate Al-Khatahtbeh explained how bad she has had it in New Jersey as a Muslim woman.


By the way, when you put yourself out there, expect blow back. I recently got a hate mail letter in my post office box—the author said he was going to rape me and sue me for being a Nazi.  It was unclear from the letter which punishment would be meted out first!

Would someone keep an eye on this story. Just search for her name every few days and see if any additional news turns up.  Let’s see if someone is arrested for making a death threat.

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11 thoughts on “NJ: Muslim Candidate for Congress Says She is Getting Death Threats

  1. I wonder if this is really not a false flag approach to elevate an unknown candidate in the media/hysteria atmosphere.

  2. Where was she born? Her wikipedia page doesn’t show, just that she was raised in NJ. At the age of 13 her family decided to move to Jordan for their safety. But it doesn’t say if they are Jordanians?

    Perhaps they immigrated from a refugee camp in Jordan?

  3. I wonder if it was another Muslim making the death threat. They always love to play the victim for their own purposes. It ha nothing to do with Making America Great Again.

  4. I will be curious to see if it is a Jessie Smolette hoax. Normal criminals don’t use that extreme language all in one sentence. It is overkill (no pun). Sometimes people will do things to get attention and play up their victim status. I know, I should not prejudge it. It could be legit but why is this a crime when people Threaten the President all the time and incite violence against him?

    1. LOL! I thought the language was pretty extreme and indeed “overkill” too!

  5. Yeah, I really wonder if this actually happened. Democrats are seasoned liars, either looking for victims, or portraying themselves as victims for political advantage.

  6. She’s Editor in Chief of “Muslim Girl” magazine. Wonder if they discuss FGM, marital rape and beating, child brides etc.

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