Where Was Amy Klobuchar That Day?

In March of 2009 I went Washington for a Senate Homeland Security hearing.

The subject was Somali Islamic radicalization in Minnesota.  

The committee was hearing from Robert Mueller’s FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center, and from two men, Minnesota Somalis who feared for the future of young Somalis being lured back to Africa by al-Shabaab which ultimately joined with al Qaeda to become a powerful terror network.

Birds of a feather! Presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Tammy Baldwin, and Rep. Ilhan Omar having a laugh.


Shame on our terrorism ‘experts.’

They downplayed the disappearance of at least twenty young Somali youths even as Osman Ahmed and Abdirahman Mukhtar had traveled to Washington (putting themselves in danger at home) to try to alert the committee and America to the radicalization going on in mosques in the state Senator Amy Klobuchar represents.

Normally when constituents testify on the Hill a Member of Congress or Senator from the state the constituents are from at least stops in at the hearing.

Senator Amy Klobuchar never showed her face that day.  Why?

A year ago this month I told readers here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ about the Senator’s absence.

LOL! The Fox story came ten years after that hearing and twelve years after the Somali youths began leaving the US to get training as jihadists!


Fox News Attempts to Explain why Minneapolis Somalis became Jihadists


Okay, okay, I’m at least thankful that a national cable news outlet is finally getting around to the US Somali refugee radicalization problem that has been going on for at least twelve years, but I want to scream about how long it takes for the national media to catch up with serious issues like this one.

And, I guess we should be thankful that Ilhan Omar was elected to Congress, because her words and actions have become a focal point (a news hook) for stories like this one.

I honestly think she does us a great service by being in Congress—let her keep talking!

I can’t and won’t write a book here, but everyone should take time to read the Fox story, and to read about my trip to Washington in 2009 when I attended a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on the radicalization of Minnesota Somalis.

You will see that the FBI brushed off the idea of any Islamic connection and spokesmen testifying were fixated on their main point—the poor disenfranchised refugee “youths” were going back to defend Somalia from Ethiopian aggression (Move along, nothing to see about a broader reason for jihad recruitment).

Who headed the FBI in 2009?  Robert Mueller.

And, by the way, Senator Amy Klobuchar never set foot into that hearing room that day even though she had constituents testifying!

Not a surprise that Klobuchar wants nothing to do with any suggestion that her Somali voters could be terrorists or have a radical agenda. 

Watch her pander!


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Do we really want Amy anywhere near the White House?

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