Trump Expected to Add MORE African Countries to US Travel Ban List

It is all over the news today and I plan to write about it at Refugee Resettlement Watch shortly.  But, here is just one of many stories on the ban expected to be announced on Monday, this one at the New York Post.

The Trump Administration must have credible concerns about criminals and possibly terrorists entering the US from the new countries being proposed.

Coincidentally I just saw this Youtube video (h/t: Bob), below, and ask you to make sure your friends and family members know what is already happening to America as we move the African continent to your home towns.

No, this is not somewhere else in the world—This is Minnesota!

***Update***  Here is my new post at RRW about the possible new travel restriction list.





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6 thoughts on “Trump Expected to Add MORE African Countries to US Travel Ban List

  1. Just wondering what the Mall of America will look like 50 yrs from now.
    And what will the world of my 11 yr old grandson be like?

  2. Unbelievable. It’s an Obamian wet dream. You see so stunningly that the white people have been eliminated entirely…along with any other ethnicities: Hispanics, Asians, native-born Black Americans…. This nightmarish carnival may be many things, but what it is emphatically NOT, is the “Mall of America”. Alas, Minnesota is no longer American…

  3. So, I just posted a Comment, which never appeared, and got a reply stating “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”!! ??? But I didn’t already say it, or post it, and indeed it still isn’t posted, though I’ve tried several times! Not the first time this has happened….

    1. Sorry, don’t know how that “duplicate comment” thing happened. I am only just now able to even check the comments. It takes me awhile to get to the moderation queue as I am alone here and have lots of other things that eat up my time. You might find it more satisfying to comment at my facebook page since there is no moderation there.

      1. Thanks for responding. I don’t have access to Facebook as I don’t have an account there at the moment, although I might again someday. In future I’ll just ignore the “duplicate comment” notice and post until I actually see the message, as I did this time.

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