A Trip Down Memory Lane: Baltimore Welcomes Diversity

Editor:   This week the President challenged local Democrat elected officials to fix their decaying cities with special attention to Baltimore.  But, I am seeing no mention of the unsuccessful push there for more than a decade to rebuild Baltimore with immigrants.
This is a post I wrote in May of 2015 at Refugee Resettlement Watch as Baltimore was in flames.
Changing American cities by changing the people (pushing out African Americans!)?  Is it possible that diversity doesn’t build economic strength, but in fact further destroys African American communities?

Baltimore: Thousands of impoverished refugees poured into city in last ten years; fuel for the fire?

Is Baltimore a failed social experiment in the government’s (and big business’s) push for more diversity in your towns and cities?
Can we call it a first spectacular failure for Obama’s Task Force on New Americans plan to seed communities with third-worlders?

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The Lutheran Center in Baltimore is home to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, one of the Top Nine refugee resettlement contractors in the country, and it is headquartered in one of Baltimore’s better neighborhoods. This is what we said in 2014: Gotta keep up their real estate holdings! The Lutheran Center is a six-story structure constructed in 1999 on property owned by Baltimore’s historic Christ Lutheran Church. The building is located near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in the historic Federal Hill neighborhood, a charming area rich with history and an eclectic array of eateries and shopping venues. 

In fact, Baltimore is a preferred refugee resettlement site according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement!
Baltimore, a majority African American (63%) city where we hear jobs are scarce and poverty is profound, with by several accounts amounting to 25% of the population living below the poverty level, the US State Department and its refugee resettlement  contractors  have nevertheless been pouring more diversity and consequently more poverty into the city for at least a decade.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fell for the feds ‘progressive’ scheme here in 2012 when she said that bringing more refugees and immigrants to the city would boost the economy completely failing to understand that, just because African Americans are black, they wouldn’t simply ‘welcome’ the rainbow colors of the world to compete with them for jobs, housing and scarce social services.

The hard truth was revealed in the New York Times of all places.  African Americans don’t take kindly to diversity!

Here is one shocking little fact that was buried in a New York Times story about the recent riots:
Black gang leaders directed angry rioters to Asian and Arab shops while protecting stores owned and run by fellow African Americans.

Then he described how he and some Bloods had stood in front of black-owned stores to protect them from looting or vandalism. He said they had made sure no black children, or reporters, were hit by rioters. They pointed them toward Chinese- and Arab-owned stores. Charles said Mr. Gray had brought gangs together.

So much for the diversity-is-beautiful myth!

How much diversity has been brought to Baltimore to compete with poor African Americans?

This morning [in May 2015—ed] I went to the data base and checked out the numbers of refugees deposited in Baltimore since 2005.  I’m listing only countries of origin if there were more than 10 refugees resettled there. There were many other countries represented by smaller numbers.
Baltimore’s new diversity (these are newly resettled from abroad since 2005 [to May of 2015.—ed], not secondary migrants from elsewhere in the US):
Azerbaijan (10)
Bhutan (1,352)
Burma (1,109)
Burundi (11)
Cent. African Republic (16)
Congo (26)
DR Congo (253)
Eritrea (374)
Iran (136)
Iraq (404)
Liberia (99)
Nepal (10)
Pakistan (13)
Palestine (19)
Russia (196)
Somalia (217)
Sudan (225)
Syria (26)
Uzbekistan (36)
Vietnam (15)
All are in direct competition with African Americans for jobs, education, housing and social services.  And, these numbers do not include the thousands of illegal aliens welcomed to Baltimore in the last decade!
(End of 2015 post.)
Afterthought:  Can we conclude that pouring ‘new Americans’ into impoverished and decaying US cities is not the panacea the Progressive social engineers want you to believe?
If it works then we should see Baltimore as a shining city on the bay by now, right?
You might want to revisit Robert Putnam’s work about how diversity in fact destroys community cohesiveness.

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8 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane: Baltimore Welcomes Diversity

  1. Beautifully done Ann!
    First, this whole Baltimore uproar actually started with a piece on F & F Saturday morning 6 AM show. President TRUMP saw it and later he tweeted about it. By the end of the day and for the next 2.5 days Fox [retended not to know this and jumped on the racist bandwagon. Only a few people have mentioned that his tweets followed a segment they did.
    It’s queued and ready at the spot, just hit play:
    On direct competition of housing, this also artificially inflates the housing market, driving prices up for everyone, which benefits landlords, realtors, manufacturer, and sellers of goods that need to go into those homes, including appliances. The latter of which we hardly make in the USA anymore. Those jobs were sucked out of our cities and towns long ago while Cummings and so many others still there, sat idly by in Congress and watched, cheering it on.
    When I say it artificially inflates the housing and all the other related costs, it is because it is not truly a market driven increase. The demand was all imported, on the backs of USA Citizens. We are paying for most of it, if not all, AND THE INTEREST on the bills.
    When the gubt runs out of our money, you better believe it will ALL come crashing down, and the property values will be ZERO. Housing paid for by gubt is out of your paycheck It can’t last forever. Artifical inflation with OPM aka other peoples money.
    Let’s also keep in mind that Baltimore is an Outlaw Fugitive city aka “sanctuary”. God only knows, literally, who has imported themselves there, also on our dime. “Where do you want to go?” Here are your tickets.

  2. If you consider that Baltimore is in close proximity to an area with one of the highest costs of living in the country, it is just that more ridiculous that they feel a need to pump the place full of poverty-stricken and, most likely, ineducable and unemployable people to compensate for people fleeing the area. It strikes me that all that town needs to do is clean up its act and productive people would happily move back in. Clearly, the rot has set in like Detroit and the lunatics are running the asylum at this point. I assume someone somehow makes money off these poor decisions, at the expense of everyone else’s quality of life.

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