Do Not Miss Tucker Carlson on Remittances!

The concept of remittances—-billions of US dollars sent out of the country and out of our economy—is information you must beat into the heads of your friends, neighbors, family members and assorted strangers as well!
Every time I see one of those phony-baloney economic studies that say immigrants add to our economy, I look for any mention of the billions in remittances being removed from our economy by them (some is surely money they earned, but you know darn well some of it is gained by gaming our social services system!).
Guess what? The number is never there!
You need to get this segment of Tucker Carlson spread as far and wide as you can!  At Fox News here.

Tucker Carlson: Immigration is not always good for our economy. Those who say it is are lying to you



Send it around!

Go on the offense and demand remittances be taxed!

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One thought on “Do Not Miss Tucker Carlson on Remittances!

  1. And it isn’t just the Mexicans, and the Central Americans who pulling billions of $$$ out of the American economy. Do a Google search “remittances” then add China, India, or Pakistan. Many countries are sucking hundreds of billions from us each year, and in many cases the remittances count for more in these countries economies than American foreign aid.

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