Texas Deep Freeze: Another Reminder that you must Prepare

Never give-in to Normalcy Bias!  

After all, the Chinese Virus was the ultimate wake up call!  How many warnings do we need?

Even in red Texas the government can’t save you every time! And, imagine if this was New York, New Jersey, or Illinois, the reaction would likely be more chaos and possible violence.

From Gulf News:

Deep freeze causes shortage of water as Texas staggers


If you haven’t seen my post first published in July and reposted in December, here it is.  If you have already seen it, I assume you would not have been a victim of a deep freeze!

Repost: On this last Saturday of July in the year from Hell, what are you doing to prepare?

And, this post from last week is a good companion post to read:

Twelve-year-old Shoots Intruder! Biden Looking to Make it Harder for You to Protect Yourself

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5 thoughts on “Texas Deep Freeze: Another Reminder that you must Prepare

  1. Biden better be more worried about protecting himself. People are getting more and more angry about what he is doing to our country, our safety, and our providing for our families.

  2. Sadly, Texas is NOT as ‘red’ as many believe; THOUSANDS of liberals have moved to the state over the past couple of decades, significantly impacting the voting demographics. EVERY large city has been mismanaged by democrats or ‘republicans’: Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Arlington, El Paso… all operated by tyrannical city halls and county commissioners who believe their sole purpose is to wrest as much liberty and property from residents as possible.

    Years of illegals invading, coupled with the purposeful ‘planting’ of ‘legal’ economic migrants has taken a toll here. The nearby public elementary school was designated ‘majority Arabic-non-English’ at least a decade ago. Were it not for some citizens constantly pushing back against the creep of anti-2nd Amendment encroachment, the vast majority of Americans would not hold the misconception that Texas is a state where freedom reigns supreme.

    One of the main reasons for the electric-generation scandal now plaguing us is the fact that 0bama’s EPA **closed** multiple reliable, coal-burning electric plants… despite the fact that ANY coal-fired plant in the U.S.A. is far cleaner than any comparable plant in most other countries, due to the use of ‘clean coal’ and that every coal-fired plant in America was mandated to install ‘scrubbers’ years ago.

    And the governor, Abbott, awarded some kind of ‘green energy’ participation trophy just weeks ago… now pointing the finger of blame on this energy disaster at everyone BUT himself.

    How else can the state which produces the MOST energy in the entire U.S.A. find itself in the dark? Only by government/environmental mismanagement, that’s how.

      1. You are in good company…same thing happened in Nevada….thousands of Calis moved in by the thousands in 2008..for cheaper housing….We had a great city in Las Vegas…..safe, great churches, prosperous …etc…it is now a sanctuary city…and no longer safe. I got out several years ago.

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