Texas for a Big Laugh (until you see that the FBI is investigating the patriots)!

If you aren’t browsing through Twitter in these final days you are missing a lot of amusing and encouraging stories.

I love it that OUR people are on the offensive and using tactics the Left (Alinsky et al) developed.

Trump Train Running Kamala Harris’ bus out of the RED KINGDOM!

(Imagine what they must have been swearing on the bus!)

Now this morning I see that the New York Post is reporting that the FBI is investigating the ‘swarming’ incident.  Maddening of course as that same FBI was hiding the Hunter laptop for almost a year (and would be still hiding it if it wasn’t for a patriotic computer repair shop owner).

FBI investigating ‘Trump Train’ swarming of Biden bus on Texas interstate: report

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9 thoughts on “Texas for a Big Laugh (until you see that the FBI is investigating the patriots)!

  1. There is one former business partner of Hunter Biden doing time in a federal penitentiary, Bevan Cooney. The FBI began investigating Cooney around 2014-15. In addition to Cooney, the FBI also was investigating several other individuals involved in the same crime in which Cooney was found guilty after a trial in 2016. Among the others was Devon Archer, also a former business partner and friend of Hunter Biden.

    Archer had his conviction vacated by the trial judge. The trial judge was married to one of Mueller’s attorneys, who prosecuted Paul Manafort. Last month a federal appellate court reinstated Archer’s conviction and returned his case to the judge for sentencing.

    In order for the FBI to prove its case against these people, who were alleged to have ripped off a Sioux Nation tribe, and an Omaha teachers organization. The scheme is called a “pump & dump,” involving the peddling of bonds. The FBI had to have obtained the emails and text messages of both Cooney, Archer, and all of the others involved.

    Wouldn’t it stand to reason the FBI also were seeing emails/texts from and to Hunter Biden?

    Makes you wonder how Hunter wasn’t involved with the scheme and wouldn’t the FBI also have seen the interactions between Hunter and Burisma, his Chinese business etc…

    While the 2019 recovery of the Hunter Biden laptop is significant, it would appear the FBI was having intimate looks at Hunter over a range of years.

  2. But….it’s OK for Domestic Terrorists like BLM & Antifa to swarm our cities and burn them down….including beating & killing people? Give me a break, maybe the hunt should be for rogue FBI & Chris Wray!

  3. Y’all gonna intimidate or lockdown Texans for using their God given rights? Texas?
    Even the slimy FBI knows better. Tuesday you will know we are not blue nor even purple. Bring it boys.

  4. Funny thing that I noticed is that the ONLY video of that alleged “awfulness” was the china joe tour bus swerving AT THE Trump caravan. Typical leftist pukes.

  5. That’s fine… With the FBIs track record, they slow roll the report in like 2028.

  6. I think it’s obvious that the FBI is too corrupt to save. The only thing to do with it is to shut it down and start investigating everyone that works there. it’s a nest of corruption and depravity, and it needs to go. All the top dogs need to be locked up until they can be fully investigated.
    I’d say treason is running rampant there as in the other alphabet agencies.

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