Sweden on COVID: A Lesson

What unusual people the Swedes are.

Anders Tegnell. Love him or hate him.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Tegnell

This morning as I am about to write about the horrible decisions Sweden has made on immigration (that they now admit) by ‘welcoming’ thousands upon thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East and now see those migrants forming ethnic enclaves, refusing to “integrate,” and where violence and crime is exploding, we see that the country may have made the right decision by not locking down the quasi-socialist country in an attempt to stop the Chinese virus.

The Financial Times has an excellent story posted last week. It is a valuable read in its entirety. Here are just a few snips(emphasis below is mine):

Anders Tegnell and the Swedish Covid experiment | Free to read

The controversial epidemiologist believes lockdown is ‘using a hammer to kill a fly’. Could he be proved right?


At the start of this year, Anders Tegnell was just a low-profile bureaucrat in a country of 10m people, heading a department that collects and analyses data on public health. Today, he has become one of the best known — and most controversial — figures of the global coronavirus crisis.

The 64-year-old Swedish doctor was meant to spend 2020 helping Somalia set up a public health agency as well as sending questionnaires out to Swedes to gauge different aspects of their wellbeing. Instead, his approach to Covid-19 — to keep schools, restaurants, fitness centres and borders open while refusing to follow China in imposing a formal lockdown — has seen him become an unlikely polarising figure for a polarised age.

For many Swedes, their state epidemiologist has embodied a rational approach as other countries have appeared to sacrifice science to emotion.


“At the outset, we talked very much about sustainability, and I think that’s something we managed to keep to. And also be a bit resistant to quick fixes, to realise that this is not going to be easy, it is not going to be a short-term kind of thing, it’s not going to be fixed by one kind of measure. We see a disease that we’re going to have to handle for a long time into the future and we need to build up systems for doing that,” he says, with his arms crossed tightly to his chest as they are for nearly the entire hour-long interview.

Our meeting comes as things appear to be going his way. As coronavirus cases rise in pretty much all other European countries, leading to fears of a second wave including in the UK, they have been sinking all summer in Sweden. On a per capita basis, they are now 90 per cent below their peak in late June and under Norway’s and Denmark’s for the first time in five months. Tegnell had told me the first time we spoke in the spring that it would be in the autumn when it became more apparent how successful each country had been.

This graph from the story tells the whole story….

There is much much more! Please read it all!

By the way, few wear masks in Sweden.  Tegnell says masks are not useful for the long haul.

Don’t miss Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze on that topic!

Horowitz: E-MASK-ulation: How we have been lied to so dramatically about masks


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One thought on “Sweden on COVID: A Lesson

  1. As a guy who doesn’t put anything past anybody and generally expects the lowest common denominator out of people, I have to admit if someone told me I’d be dealing with this mess a year ago I wouldn’t have believed them. While I haven’t been impacted financially, I find the whole affair highly concerning, and the least of my worries is the phony virus, itself. What I find most disturbing at this point is that, while this whole mess can be clearly shown as grossly exaggerated, if not an outright hoax to anyone with half a brain, many people who bought into it are choosing to double down rather than admit they were duped. What do you do with people like that? There are a lot of them. The guys who designed this PSYOP really knew their targets and I can’t think of any reason why they would let things get back to normal without a fight, as it has clearly been a swimming success.

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