Tucker: So When Did the Dems Become the Party of War?

I rarely miss Tucker Carlson these days.  He is on the cutting edge of what is happening and says things one would never expect to hear.  When I watched his opening segment last night about the ‘military industrial complex’ I couldn’t help thinking about the huge anti-war demonstrations in Washington less than 20 years ago.

Remember these images of the hard Leftists and Dems marching in the streets of Washington to oppose the Iraq war.

“Give peace a chance!”

2007 Washington DC march against Bush’s war in Iraq. These are Leftists/Marxists/Dems!

Now, here we are 13 years later with those same Leftwingers supporting a military engagement in Syria and opposing Donald Trump who doesn’t want more useless wars in the Middle East (and supporting Biden who would take us back to hellholes in Syria and elsewhere).

‘Fight them there so they don’t come here!’ is a joke!  They will waltz across our open borders if Biden (handlers, whoever they are!) hold the reins of power.

Oh, and I want to know, do AOC, Ilhan Omar and Tlaib, by extension, want more wars in the Middle East?

Last night Tucker took on the war hawks (aka leading members of the military and their contractor leaches) and my reaction as I watched this segment was, I sure hope Tucker has good security!

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3 thoughts on “Tucker: So When Did the Dems Become the Party of War?

  1. Hey, Ann,
    I too am a really big Tucker Carlson fan. I like that he is a life-long Libertarian…because he goes after Dimms AND RINOs.

  2. Every person in this country should watch the Tucker Carlson show every day. Almost all problems would end quickly. The crazies would no longer have any support.

    1. Exactly…now I gotta run because I must get ready for tonights show!

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