Colorado Pro Police Rally Turns Violent

The peaceful rally to Back the Blue was interrupted by the arrival of a black clad Antifa/BLM creeps and the police supporters were having none of it.

Image from before the thugs arrived.


Things turned ugly as the pro-police group attempted to push the intruders out of the neighborhood with chants of “Commies go home!”

Police made several arrests. I watched a number of videos and it appears those arrested were on the side of Antifa/BLM.

The most important takeaway for me was to see this was happening, not on some big city street (like you saw in my post yesterday), but in a suburban neighborhood just like hundreds of thousands of other neighborhoods in America.

Here is a video: the long version at Facebook.  (Don’t miss those Palestinian head scarves.)

And here is one of many shortened versions at Youtube (you might find others with some different angles on the melee).

Coming to a neighborhood near you? Just wait until Trump is reelected.  No, don’t wait, prepare!

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One thought on “Colorado Pro Police Rally Turns Violent

  1. THE best video I’ve seen in years! It’s about time someone stood up to those Marxists swine, instead of kneeling to their every demand. It’s good to see Americans with spine instead of the Soy-boy Incels the left offers, let the liberals supply SJW mental dwarfs not the patriotic men of America. You don’t have to kill someone to catch their attention, just beat the living crap out of them and explain their errors. In this case; “Do NOT harass crippled American Vets.” Most catch a clue, the rest can get a beating later.

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