BLM in Georgetown (Washington, DC), Utah, Oregon, Kentucky Reminds Me….

How is your prepping going?

I’m guessing it will be getting worse as November approaches.  Note how many of the marchers in DC are (silly, naive) white women.

I haven’t been visiting twitter much lately, but happened to see this tweet on Georgetown and then spent way too much time at #BlackLivesMatter.

As much as I don’t like twitter, I am reminded that most Americans have no clue about how anarchy and violence are spreading because the mainstream media rarely shows it.

Here in Utah:




Anytown, USA:


Don’t miss my post from last month!

And, don’t let your “normalcy bias” deter you.  We are in a new era of American history.

On this last Saturday of July in the year from Hell, what are you doing to prepare?


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2 thoughts on “BLM in Georgetown (Washington, DC), Utah, Oregon, Kentucky Reminds Me….

  1. We hear you Ann. It seems inevitable. It will take We the People to get out and counter this but it won’t be pretty.

  2. Well.. You were all wondering what they were doing down there in ‘the basement’?

    They all just came out of the basement, and they are underdeveloped, brain-dead, maniacal psychopaths..

    Anymore questions?

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