Non-citizens Discovered Voting in Illinois; Public Interest Legal Foundation Getting Involved

“We’ve warned and proven for years that Motor Voter was pushing noncitizens onto voter rolls.Then Illinois and other states made it worse by automating the process.” 

( PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams )


The numbers are small so far, but you know there is very high likelihood that this is going on in every state where voters are signed up as they get their drivers licenses.

Here is the story from Chicago’s WGNTV-9:

Hundreds of non-citizens registered to vote in Illinois due to technical glitch


CHICAGO — Illinois lawmakers are raising questions about the integrity of state elections after the secretary of state admitted hundreds of non-citizens were registered as voters, and could have cast ballots illegally in the 2018 election.

In a letter, Secretary of State Jesse White’s office said a “programming error” in a signature pad at driver services facilities led to hundreds of non-U.S. citizens accidentally being registered as voters.

The Secretary of State’s Office said the problem has been fixed Tuesday, but state lawmakers and election authorities are just beginning to raise concerns.

“We view it as a significant problem,” said Matt Dietrich of the Illinois State Board Of Elections.

More here.

Now see the news that J. Christian Adam’s Public Interest Legal Foundation is getting involved in the case:

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – January 23, 2020. The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) initiated a private investigative effort into recent official disclosures that Illinois’ automatic voter registration system reportedly invited noncitizen DMV customers onto the voter rolls. More than a dozen are reported to have voted in the 2018 Midterms as a result.

Visit PILF to learn more and see if there is some way you can get involved in insuring the integrity of your county’s voter rolls.  You might find some way to help the President get reelected by helping to identify those who plan to cheat in order to keep the President from another term in the White House.

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6 thoughts on “Non-citizens Discovered Voting in Illinois; Public Interest Legal Foundation Getting Involved

  1. Voter Fraud has become an art form, and form of invasive expression in Minnesota:

    Where is the story now? Good question..

    Are there thousands of similar situations just like this one in Minnesota? Absolutely!

    That is why our MN Secretary of State, Steve Simon, is presently defying a Court order to release past Voter Registration Roles information, and covered up by our MN Governor, Walz, and MN AG Keith Ellison..

    VOTER FRAUD is an epidemic ORGANIZED CRIME in Minnesota.

    Crime, Law and Justice:

    ‘Minneapolis man charged with falsifying 13 absentee ballots ahead of 2018 election
    Matt SepicMinneapolisOctober 31, 2019 7:20 p.m.

    Prosecutors on Thursday charged a Minneapolis man with 13 counts of felony voting fraud.

    Investigators say Abdihakim Amin Essa, 22, who’s a permanent resident but not a U.S. citizen, falsified 13 applications for absentee ballots and tried to cast one himself.

    Essa allegedly told authorities that he worked for a political campaign, but prosecutors did not say which candidate it was.

    According to the criminal complaint, Hennepin County election workers grew suspicious on July 30, 2018, when Essa brought a prospective voter to the government center. The woman did not have the proper identification, but she came back later with a different “helper” and a new application with a different address.

    Investigators say Essa returned to the government center the next day with a “helper” and attempted to vote under a false name. When asked if he’d spoken to another employee a day earlier, Essa “got nervous and acted as if he did not understand English” before leaving the office, the complaint says.

    Election staff looked through about 9,000 absentee ballots and found 13 where Essa allegedly signed his own name or his father’s name as a witness. Essa’s father is a citizen and is registered to vote.

    The county notified the voters whose absentee ballots were rejected, and told them they’d need to vote again, but none did.

    Attempts to reach Essa Thursday evening were not successful.’

  2. You know there must be a pretty massive and deeply corrupt ballot-stuffing crisis if even a politician from the Murder State, the state of Capone and Hoffa and Daly and Rostenkowski (and Ryan and Hastert and Blagojevich and Obama!) and Sam Giancana, the Mafia kingpin (whose gang threw the 1960 razor-thin Presidential Election in Illinois, for Kennedy over Nixon*), if even an ILLINOIS POLITICIAN admits there’s a crisis!

    *almost certainly the motivation for Giancana’s 1963 murder of Kennedy, who famously turned his back on the Mob (and Sinatra!), and unleashed his Attorney General brother Bobby on them, after they’d done so much to put him in office. It was a mob hit!

  3. “Hundreds of non-citizens registered to vote in Illinois due to technical glitch”

    It isn’t a “glitch”, it’s a feature.

  4. Glitch, huh ? We all know it was/is done on purpose to get more people to vote for Democrats, regardless if they are eligible or not. Voter Fraud on a massive scale has been committed by the Democrats since 2008 and getting worse every election. There was over 3 million fraudulent votes for hillary in the 2016 election. Expect voter fraud to be even worse in the 2020 election.
    The only way the Election fraud will be able to be put in check is to have paper ballots with fingerprint on them, scanned in, recorded, and verified tallies from both scanned and paper ballots. Persons name removed from voters list after ballot has been successfully scanned within 15 mins so voter cannot vote at another location. If a person votes absentee, they cannot vote anywhere on election day. All voters verified with eligibility and bio data id card. ALL of these items exist today and can be implemented. The Democrats fight everything that is trying to cut down on election fraud.
    Of course The Democrats are not going to vote for anything that will help ensure that there is actually fair and true elections. Anybody that still believes that someone not having or being unable to get an Id is pretty racist from their arguments. The Democrats have always been racist so no real surprise there. Maybe that was the case up until the late 60’s or maybe 70’s but it has been a straw man argument for the last 20 + years. The States proposing the voter Id had programs to get people who had no transportation or money free Id’s because they know the number of people without an Id is really really low.
    The Democrats just want to give people more ways for them to cheat and steal votes in an election because they know Democrats cheat more than everybody else. When The Democrats had a rally in DC to protest against Voter Id, you had to have an Id to attend. How Ironic is that Hypocrisy ?

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