Texas: Somali Cleric Arrested on Charges of Sexually Assaulting Children

The first question I have is:  Is he a refugee since the vast majority of Somalis in the US are refugees, but I am seeing no definitive answer on that, so I figured this news would be best reported at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ rather than at my other blog, ‘Refugee Resettlement Watch.’ 

Although let me say that there are many of my RRW stories that could just as easily be reported here especially those stories involving the nine anti-Trump federal refugee contractors masquerading as ‘religious’ non-profits! See today’s post at RRW!

From the Houston Chronicle:

Islamic religious teacher arrested for alleged sex crimes against children

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has arrested an Islamic religious teacher for alleged sex crimes against children. Mohamed Omar Ali, 59, was charged with one count of sexual assault of a child and three counts of sexual indecency of a child following his Jan. 3 arrest.

At a press conference Monday morning, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said that all four victims were children under the age of 14. Ali is a Somalian national who was living in the U.S. illegally, acording to Nehls. The bail for Ali was set at $125,000, but due to his illegal status, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put a detainer on Ali, and he is being held at the Fort Bend County jail, Nehls said.

Mohamed Omar Ali, 59, is reportedly in the US illegally.

According to Detective Michael Alexander of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Ali gained access to his alleged victims by gaining the trust of the victim’s families, who invited him into their homes to teach the Quran to their children.

Other Members of the Islamic community are distancing themselves from Ali:

Shariq Abdul Ghani, Director of the Minaret Foundation and representative of the Muslim community, added that Ali was not an employee or official volunteer of any particular mosque, but he traveled to different mosques and schools in the area, establishing himself as a defacto religious leader.

In a phone interview on Monday afternoon, Ghani also said that leaders within the Houston Muslim community were unfamiliar with Ghani. Ali lives in the Houston area of Fort Bend County, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.


Surveillance of Ali began in September of 2019, after victims reported the abuse to the FBI, but investigators believe the alleged crimes date back to 2013. Investigators said they believe there are many more victims who have not spoken up, and the sheriff’s office urges those victims to come forward.

More here.

I’ve been joking here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ that Michigan and Florida seem to have the most ‘new American’ crooks and criminals, but Texas might be giving them a run for the money.

See yesterday at RRW about the Iraqi refugee arrested in Texas suspected of murdering a mother of three in Colorado.

As you can see, there is a lot of crossover between my blogs!

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4 thoughts on “Texas: Somali Cleric Arrested on Charges of Sexually Assaulting Children

  1. If the sheriff says he is illegal, he probably had ICE run checks on him. ICE placing a detainer means he is either illegally in the U.S., or he is deportable based on other factors, perhaps an overstay on a visitor visa?

    There are visas issued for religious clerics, but it sounds like this guy didn’t have one, because the Islamic Community is backing away.

    With a sexual assault conviction, especially involving minors, he will be deported.

    1. Deported before he serves time, or will he go to the slammer for awhile and then be deported?

  2. Ann I wouldn’t stress over whether this guy’s a refugee or not. It’s safe to assume he is one, as far as I am concerned.
    I was married to a refugee (and we’re still good, close friends) and I have mentioned this before on your RRW site long ago- but my ex-husband wants the American people to know this: 3rd worlders are *expert* in fraud, crimes, and getting money- they’ve built their life’s work on it as their very survival depended on it.

    Think of it this way- what if every lowest-class American were to emigrate to Switzerland? I mean, every homeless drunk, drug addict or ex-con of the worst kind you can think of, promised jobs and housing in a new prosperous “welcoming nation”? 3rd world persons have a bit more sophistication in separating people from their money, as unlike here in USA, they had no EBT/food stamps or Medicare. Also, think about this, we have no way to verify any kind of background on these people: Somalia doesn’t exactly have NCIC or fingerprint database of sex offenders like we do, so we may just be getting what Somalia *doesn’t want*- same with Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras- “hey let’s send all the scum to North America, and lower our poverty rates, UN will give us a big donation in the process” which they do- using YOUR tax dollars: UN promises financial rewards to nations that lower the poverty rates- cheers to Trump for niggling us out of the UN in any way he could. Our poverty rises dramatically, while our standard of living DROPS day by day- gradually enough to make us grumble, yet not rapidly lowering enough to get us to riot – while the 3rd world is absorbed into our population. They work in giant distribution centers like DIAL food service, Walmart fulfillment centers, factory farming and service jobs – they’re invisible so we don’t see the sheer numbers. Our crime rates go up, our billions in taxes we pay gobbled up by Medicare & SSI/EBT/WIC and so on by people who never paid a dime into it nor ever will.

    Sign me- an eternally pissed American

    1. Thanks for your analysis!!! Not stressing over whether he is a refugee, but just wondering whether the post would have been more appropriately posted on my refugee blog instead of this (more generic blog about the joys of ‘new American’ diversity). I assume you know that RRW is back up and going full speed these days due to the President’s reform initiative. It is here at a new url https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/

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