Maps: Mexican Drug Cartels Control Large Swath of America

Today is map day for me!  See RRW this morning to find out if your city is a prime refugee resettlement site.

And, thanks to Richard (@highblueridge) for tipping me off to the presence of maps that show just how much of the US is under the influence of Mexican drug cartels.

According to a 2016 Business Insider story, the Sinaloa cartel controls the lion’s share of the illicit drug market in the US.

These maps are a bit outdated, but definitely still worth having a look at!

This map is from 2017:

If anyone sees newer maps that would indicate any progress during the Trump Administration, please send link my way!

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13 thoughts on “Maps: Mexican Drug Cartels Control Large Swath of America

  1. With approximately 200 criminal gangs in British Columbia alone… can only wonder how entrenched Trans-Organized Crime, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, street gangs et al are in destroying the fabric of this nation…..and it’s not even an election issue….

    1. I saw first hand the growing problem of Canadian motorcycle gangs back in the 1980s. The RCMP was no match for these criminals and probably still aren’t.

      Now we have the Asian gangs in western Canada doing large scale drug deals with the Mexican cartels.

      The organized crime problem is growing in Canada and these gangs will recruit from the most vulnerable, the New Canadians, who lack employable skills.

  2. The large cartels are beginning to splinter and many offshoots are emerging, this actually could make these organizations more dangerous. It will also make it much more difficult to track them and their activities.

    The most recent mass attack killing 21 Mexicans, including four policemen, was accredited to the Cartel of the Northeast or Cartel del Noreste (C.D.N.). These splinter organizations are looking for alternative crime and are now involved with stealing avocados straight from the farms. They are also extorting protection payments from legitimate Mexican businesses, such as new car dealerships.

    The current President of Mexico is a Socialist and believes in providing hugs to using the military and police. He has been in office almost one year, and so far this plan isn’t working. Homicides are rising in Mexico.

    The homicides are so plentiful the police can’t keep up. Presently, 95% or higher of the murders go unsolved, if even investigated.

    Much of the cartel violence is happening in close proximity to our border, but they also have committed murders in tourist meccas, such Acapulco and Mazatlan, to name just a couple.

    Right now the cartels are transitioning from making heroin to making fentanyl, a much more powerful drug. The poppy farmers in Mexico are going broke from the sudden change.

    Most of what I’m stating here comes from open source intelligence I glean from Mexican publications.

    1. Thanks so much for the information. I’m just skimming the surface of the dreadful situation just to get people to hopefully wake up!

  3. Very valuable information – all should send to their elected officials especially those that are up for re election. Publicly ask them if they support more refugees and what they are doing to stop the cartels. ****

  4. Looking at these maps is like looking at a diseased animal…. These things are killing our country.

    1. On the national scene with U.S. Immigration Policy & ICE Operations Tom Homan is at the top of that list. However, there may be areas related to the war on drugs he is either unwilling to opine on or feels he is outside of his area of expertise on that subject. So why don’t we start peeling back the layers of this onion. Note, I said start, I did not say peel back all the layers but I will start with the critical layer that is the key layer. First, accept the fact that the Mexican Cartels are but a small cog in the wheel that delivers illegal drugs to the streets of Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago and Los Angeles, and pays back those protecting the business and owning the illegal drugs. Their role can be circumvented. Second, key to understanding the problem is that the illegal drug delivery to America is a well organized and financed business. But, it is organized crime and organized crime cannot exist without political protection. If the profit from drug sales on Americas streets dried up the transnational criminal business would fail and the Mexican Drug Cartels would fade away as would most all of the accidental drug overdoses in America, (can’t add suicide to this equation). Until the puppet masters of the illegal drug business inside the United States and the political operatives providing them cover are ferreted out and put in prison for a very, very long time nothing will change on Americas streets. You will surprised as to who the criminals are

      Zach Taylor, Chairman
      National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, Inc.

      1. I concur with Ann’s gratitude. Indeed it’s an honor to have my little comment responded to by one of our stalwart former Border Patrol Officers. I assume by the “political protection” for our current drug crime crisis, you mean the increasingly radical liberal political neglect for law enforcement in our cities, and of course the deeply-rooted inability and unwillingness of our judicial system–esp. our appellate courts–to simply enforce the law, ie, to uphold jury decisions and apply full sentences. And of course, the outrageous defiance of law and constitutionality by the treasonous and immoral “Sanctuary” cities, counties and states that have done so much to poison our republic.

        1. All of that, plus there have to be elected officials taking cartel money. If we have current and past politicians abusing campaign funds (like Duncan Hunter, Omar, Tlaib, and others), why not take tainted funds from cartels.

          Think about how politicians will readily blame the opioid problem on “medical professionals” over prescribing, and suing pharmaceuticals, but not interested in border barriers.

          1. You’re undoubtedly right. Clearly the moral, intellectual and financial corruption of the Democratic Party and their fellow crocodiles in the Deep Swamp has reached a new swamp-bottom (viz. the Imbarassment Inquiry), and I wouldn’t be surprised if paper bags of cash were being exchanged. As for the opioid crisis: it’s always easier to punish Americans than foreigners: we’re here, we’re often law-abiding, we accept our justice, we believe in democracy, rule of law, human rights, etc., and will actually go to jail if convicted. But we never seem to grow the cajones to punish corrupt, Socialist failed states like Mexico, or the Global cartels, or supremacist Islam, or China–for deliberately flooding our country with Fentanyl, killing thousands of Americans. No, we have to be “tolerant” and “respectful” of all the evils and evildoers in the world.

          2. Sorry I didn’t post your comment sooner… just overloaded with refugee stuff these days, I hadn’t noticed this comment.

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