The Lefts’ Massive Mobilization Plans to Thwart Trump Refugee Reform Revealed

I’m being swamped with news I must post at Refugee Resettlement Watch as a critical deadline approaches for the President’s September Executive Order in which the President is seeking to give you, citizens and taxpayers, some say about refugees being placed in your towns and cities.

The President wants you to have a say in the number and placement of refugees in your states and cities. Will you help him by getting involved? He cannot do this alone!

For decades the decision to change your town’s demographic make up and to foist local and state taxpayers with the bill for arriving refugees’ care has been made from the US State Department with the ‘help’ of nine federally funded resettlement contractors.

Trump wants to change that and of course they are mobilizing to defeat him both in the courts and through grassroots organizing.

So, my time is naturally being spent at RRW these days.

I urge you to visit this morning’s posts here and here.

That second post is especially important because I have published the Refugee Council USA’s “toolkit” the contractors are using to mobilize their people during the first weeks of December.  You can use it too!

When I began writing ‘Frauds and Crook’s’  back in January my aim was to balance the news.

The mainstream media publishes ten mushy emotion-packed stories about immigrants to every one where the immigrant/refugee is a fraud, crook or criminal.  I wanted to point out that for every immigrant that goes to Harvard, a dozen more are criminals.

So the stories I’ve posted are often shocking (or fun to read), but the bottomline at this point in time, is that Trump cannot do this alone and you need to do more than whatever you have been doing to tell your local elected officials (and governors) what you think about MORE refugees being placed in your communities.

Turn off the impeachment news and….

Go here and follow the Left’s blueprint for action!  You only have until the week before Christmas to get it done!

The President’s Executive Order might not be perfect, but the Open Borders agitators are using it to demonstrate their power, so you need to be punching back by demanding that you have a say about whether you want your community changed forever!

Endnote:  See if you are already near an existing refugee resettlement site.  They can place refugees within a hundred miles of the site!

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2 thoughts on “The Lefts’ Massive Mobilization Plans to Thwart Trump Refugee Reform Revealed

  1. This is overwhelming. We all need to contact our local & state officials as to our opposition. However it is not clear who has to send the letter to state Dept. NC has a democratic governor who will not listen to the public. E all need to try.

    1. WE are up against incredible odds because the Open Borders Left has an extensive network that they can mobilize. But I think people still need to try to get a message to elected officials including Democrat governors because they need to know that a decision for more refugees is not a political freebie for them. You might have better luck on the local level. See if you live in a county or town within a hundred miles of any of the sites I have identified in NC and contact the city or county exec there. You need to know that North Carolina is usually in the top ten resettlement states in the nation.

      And, if you can see if you can get a letter published in a local paper. The simplest message is that we should be taking care of our own poor and vulnerable people first and that local and state taxpayer shouldn’t be funding all of the social services that refugees receive —they can get welfare almost immediately upon arrival. You pay for the kids education and their housing medical care and food stamps yet you have no say about whether your town/city will be a resettlement site.

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