Would You Let These Women Put Dental Tools in Your Mouth?

I’m posting this story from Georgia because you have to laugh sometimes!  
Honestly, regular old run-of-the-mill fraud—food stamps, Medicare, charity, and so forth— is what I expected to be writing about when I launched ‘Frauds and Crooks’ in January, but the numbers of serious crimes and murders perpetrated by ‘new Americans’ caught me by surprise. And, it can get pretty distressing.
When I saw this story, thanks to reader Robert for sending it, I figured we could lighten up and laugh for a change.
Fake dentists!

fake dentists 3
The ‘dentist’ on the left is in the country illegally. Photo at Fox 5 http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/police-2-charged-with-practicing-dentistry-without-licenses


This story is from the Atlanta Journal Constitution,

2 Cobb women accused of running unlicensed dental practice for 9 years


Two women are facing felony charges after Cobb County police said they had been operating a dental practice without a license for nearly a decade.
Bianca Zambrano-Blanco, 35, and Carolina Rojas Morales, 40, were both arrested Tuesday, according to police spokeswoman Officer Sydney Melton.
Cobb police opened an investigation into the practice in January after a woman, identified in an arrest warrant as Lina Banciu, said she received a botched root canal there.Banciu’s husband, Ruben Banciu, told Channel 2 Action News his wife was recommended to Morales through word of mouth. The woman wanted to save money and agreed to undergo the procedure when Morales told her it would only cost $500, the news station reported.
However, Banciu was in pain for days after the procedure. According to her husband, she drove back to the practice and demanded a refund. When she got there, another patient there was in tears with a swollen face, Banciu told Channel 2.
An arrest warrant obtained by AJC.com accuses Morales of doing Banciu’s root canal improperly and causing irreparable damage to the woman’s tooth.
Investigators found records that indicate the unlicensed practice dated back as far as 2010, Melton said. Police found numerous victims.
Morales was booked into the Cobb County jail, where she is being held on a $25,000 bond, records show. Zambrano-Blanco was also booked into the Cobb jail, where she is being held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

I guess this is an example of the immigrant entrepreneurial spirit that the New American Economy says is helping to bring economic boom times to American towns and cities. Right?

Fake News Covers for Migrant Crimes

I’ve stolen the first part of a headline at Big League Politics for my headline because it can’t be said often enough!
Yesterday after I wrote the post about the gruesome murder of Mackenzie Lueck in Utah and said again that the media is (I believe purposefully) leaving out important facts when covering crime news so that they don’t step on their message that migrants*** are just good folks, just like us, looking for a better life.

Georgia illegals
The Georgian “choir-boys”, oops Guatemalans!

The great danger is that in so doing they have created a whole generation of Mackenzie Lueck’s, living in la-la land, who have no discernment and frankly cannot see that some migrants are monsters.
Thanks to reader Cathy for sending this news about a couple of those monsters being protected by the media in Georgia because it gives me an opportunity to once again repeat the message and give you more news items sent to me over the last week.
When I began writing ‘Frauds and Crooks’ in January, I told you that the Leftists (Progressives, or whatever you call them) will be telling heartwarming stories about migrants (LOL! their “new Americans”) in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential race, so it is very important that you tell the stories about the monsters in order to give some balance to their news!
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Can the DACA 'Kids' get Instate College Tuition Rates? Not so far in Georgia

That is what D.A. King reported on his Immigration Politics Georgia website earlier this month in the wake of an Appellate court decision.

instate tuition now
DACA students protest in Georgia

The gist of  the decision is that Georgia does not have any responsibility to allow those illegal aliens known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients to attend college on the taxpayer’s dime.
DACA kids are not lawfully present says the court, they only have their removal deferred at the moment!
Below is a bit of King’s report.
But first, his website is a reminder of what you all should be doing in your states as King explains,

ImmigrationPoliticsGA.com was created in late 2018 with personal funds in an effort to provide news and opinion now mostly muffled and hidden by the MSM in Georgia.

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Georgia Republicans Learned about the Red-Green Axis Recently and You Should Too!

Editor: One of the great things about writing a blog of your own is that you can post things that you decide are vitally important for your readers to hear!  Author Leo Hohmann gave the following speech to a Republican audience in Georgia over this last weekend and received a standing ovation.  I know you have piles of things to read, but you must read the speech and then decide if you are in, or out, of the war to save America!

Knowing your enemy: The ‘Red-Green Axis of evil’ shows its face in Washington

How many of you have been watching the news in recent weeks and wondering, “is this still America? What is going on?”
How many Americans must be wondering, where did this Ilhan Omar, covered in the Islamic headscarf, come from and how in the world did she end up in Congress? We’re told she’s from Minnesota but she seems obsessed with demonizing Israel and speaks sympathetically of ISIS fighters.

stealth invasion cover
Stealth Invasion is available from the author at https://leohohmann.com/

Who is this other new Congresswoman with the foul mouth, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who bragged to the world that she would take drastic action against President Trump. She told her young son she would “impeach the Mother F’er?”
Who does this Linda Sarsour, also adorned in the headscarf, think she is, referring to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as some sort of white supremacist.
Pelosi is “a typical white feminist doing the work of powerful white men,” Sarsour posted on Facebook. Did Pelosi deserve such a harsh rebuke for simply considering disciplinary action against the brazen anti-Semite Ilhan Omar?
Two years ago, I wrote a book. It’s called ‘Stealth Invasion, Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.’
I saw these people coming. Let me tell you how I knew that the fox was already inside the hen house.

I’m stopping here, but please go to LeoHohmann.com and read the entire speech.  It won’t take you long, just do it!

By the way, did you know that Linda Sarsour went to Georgia to campaign for Stacy Abrams for governor?  I didn’t.  There is much, much, more you might not have known!

Georgia: CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center Join Forces to Block Data Collection in the Prison System

When I read Ann Coulter’s book “Adios America” I was struck by an important theme in the book and that is that she said it is virtually impossible to get information about immigration status of those incarcerated in America jails and prisons.
Adios America
Indeed this blog—Frauds and Crooks—is built around the generally accepted premise that a very large percentage of those jailed in the US are aliens mostly of the illegal variety, but including legal immigrants as well.
So if that isn’t true, why wouldn’t the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the SPLC want the data collected and put the issue to rest once and for all?
Of course, the answer is that they fear what the results would show!
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