Two Images of Fox News Yesterday: The Good/bad/ugly

First the bad and ugly. Twitter was alive with this short off-mic moment featuring Sandra Smith making faces at comments by long time conservative super lawyer Cleta Mitchell.

Apparently someone inside Fox leaked it after a Saturday airing of ‘America’s Newsroom’ with Smith and Trace Gallagher.  Smith’s off-camera face is revealing.

Over 2,000 comments are a fun read.

One commenter said: “We the 70 + million deplorables built Fox, now we tear it down.”



But, there was good too as Tucker Carlson did not fail us.  If you missed his opening monologue last night here it is:


Will be watching to see who goes and who stays at Fox News…..

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16 thoughts on “Two Images of Fox News Yesterday: The Good/bad/ugly

  1. I bookmarked this link last night. Very interesting!

    I found it while looking to see if any of the other purveyors of U.S. Federal Election news fraud had changed their fraudulent claims that Delusional Joe Biden is President-Elect, but this particular site had not.

    Anyhow, this is a nice little CHEAT Sheet of how we got in this CHEATING mess in the first place. It is best if you start at the bottom of the page and work your way up. You will see what I mean when you go there.

    The states at the bottom did not allow mail in voting. None of these states are having any of these counting, glitch, etc. problems. They all got their jobs done on Election night and reported in.

    Then you move up and look at the next category. And so on and so forth.

    1. Sorry everyone that I didn’t get these comments posted yesterday. After I wrote this post my internet went down (AGAIN!). Back on for now.

  2. Wherever Tucker goes….I will follow. If they get rid of him they will lose millions of dollars….but then, I’m sure the billionaires who support the indoctrination channel will fill in the gaps.

    Same with Mark Levin….

  3. Tucker seemed agitated last night. Which is good, imo. It’s good to see a news person I can relate to!

  4. I continue to watch Tucker/Sean/Laura on FOX but have adopted NewsMax as my go-to news station. Brett & Martha with their incessant jibber jabber during the debates and election night (+Chris Wallace) was actually painful to my ears. Tucker, Sean, Laura please move over to NewsMax. It’s so much classier than FOX. They actually practice integrity and principles in their reporting the news. A big shout-out to Sean S. and Lyndsay. I have also found Diamond & Silk, Sebastian Gorka, and so many other fantastic but former FOX consultants. Thanks for moving to Newsmax!

    1. Good post. However, I would add Mark Levin….since the Reagan years….he has become the go to guy for anything Constitutional. It’s like he’s memorized the entire thing….and the BILL of RIGHTS. He is as fearless as Tucker.

  5. I have been a loyal Fox News viewer since you went on air. I am a deplorable, a Vietnam vet the the Dems labeled domestic terrorists, I support Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. I am white on the outside, but mixed with Native American and Black Ancestry, Yet I am “Racist” because I am a registered Republican the researches all before voting.
    I am appalled at the sudden socialist bent of the news reported. I no longer trust Wallace after he spoke more in the debate than President Trump was allowed, it was not a debate, but a hack job.
    I will watch Tucker, Judge Jennine , the five and outnumbered but news will come from OAN. Thanks for the disappointment after all these years when you were a beacon of truth.

    1. I’ve had to deprogram myself to not turn on Fox news in the morning…totally blowing my routine. As an elder….that smarts.

      I will only watch Tucker and Levin on Fox. When they fire them….I’m going wherever they go.

      I now just turn on the radio in the morning to Glenn Beck (who has told us for months this was coming), I have a membership to Rush’s site and listen to him everyday…and his stand-ins when he is getting cancer treatments.

      If President Trump doesn’t stay in….I’m taking the last of the money I have in the stock market, cash it in….and keep it in a buried jar…..that’s how our ancestors did it.

      Glenn warned us many months ago – as did a reporter by the name of Chris Rufo_ about the government indoctrinating military, federal employees and Post office employees with “CRITICAL RACE THEORY” classes. They indoctrinate them with the premise that all White people are inherently racist from birth. They make them ashamed and angry at anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the Left.

      My once loving Military Son….is now a very angry man…..screams and berates me for being a Conservative. I have now had to cut off all contact with him because he is so indoctrinated that you can’t have conversation with him that all he does is scream at you is very violent about Trump.

      Just because they aren’t throwing bombs at you…..yet….doesn’t mean we aren’t about to enter a civil war.

      Suggest you look up Chris Rufo and find out what we are dealing with. He also talked to “Silicon Valley” tech people. They are talking about how their bosses tried to force them into the “Critical Race Theory” indoctrination ….so they quit their jobs.

      1. Carol! You sound exactly like me! Deprograming from Fox News too! We are finding Newsmax great however, although will not be able to get it on my kitchen TV (the one that matters) till Monday. In the meantime watching and listening on computer. OAN is not available on my cable sadly.

        I too have started to listen to Beck again. I followed him on and off for years (I was off him when he was handing out teddy bears at the border), but gardening with him on has been very good and of course Rush. The “Military Son” makes me sad to hear. I hear that same story from many corners.

        1. Thanks, Ann.
          I wish I was gardening…instead I am at the computer 6-8 hours a day working on my Dad’s homicide case….interspersed with caring for my cat and dog. They are a great comfort to me.

          I think this article on Pamela Geller’s site is going to end this fraud of the votes. Thought you might like to see this headline and story.

          “WATCH: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Explains How Algorithms Re-Tabulated Trump Votes to Flip to Biden.”

          If you aren’t familiar with Geller….she was the one lone little Jewish woman who went up against the MEs in NY to stop them building their “triumphant” Mosque on the site of 9/11. She also had to fight NY to allow her ads/issues on buses. She won.

          Between the lock downs and the political tension in our country, my politically split family is going to explode, we need to get back to living normally.
          You and Geller are real fighters….against all odds. You both prove to me a person doesn’t have to be “connected” with powerful people in order to change the world.

          Side note: Have you heard about the Left’s indoctrination called “critical race theory”? A reporter by the name of Chris Rufo exposed it a couple of months ago. It’s where the military, post office, big tech, and others are forcing their white employees to go through a program where they are told that the very fact they are white means they are instantly racists.

          This might explain all the PO employees getting caught messing with ballots…they got their marching orders.

          Rufo talked to several people who quit their jobs because of it…I believe he even slipped in on one those indoctrination trainings.

          My once great oldest son in the military has been changed for the worse….we are no longer speaking. Great sadness with that.

          Keep your “powder” dry…it ain’t over until it’s over. Best regards.

          1. Hi again, I just a few minutes ago began to watch the MIT guy’s analysis of the Michigan vote. Yes, of course I know Pamela and have actually met with her.

  6. Tucker, Ingram should leave FOX. They are their biggest money makers. Take them down…

  7. I will NEVER turn off FOX News!

    That would involve having turned it on in the first place. I’ve never watched it and I really should at some point, as that is the place people always accuse me of getting my news from. I quit watching TV back in the mid-1980’s and the only reason I ever owned a set was to watch movies.

    Tucker seems like a decent sort (he needs to get the hell out of there), but I think it should be obvious that FOX is just in it for the money to be the “alternative” or “opposition”. Someone has to do it or you might be opening the door for someone who actually gives a shit to step in and do it. Just look at who owns them. Clearly, they would never lay it on the line to help real conservatives in this country, as they might wind up doing something stupid like help fix some of the problems. You might wind up putting yourself out of a job if you get rid of the people you pretend to rail against all day. I have little doubt most of the Republicans we elect share a similar philosophy.

  8. Pale in comparison to what those fat COW’s said today on the View about President Trump.

    So tomorrow I heard they have Harris already on, the 3 time loser has the primary not even loser for Dem’s in Iowa already being pushed, hope they get what they deserve.

    They never shut-up or get anymore class.

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