Glenn Beck: Joe Biden’s Ancestors Were Maryland Slave Owners!

Yikes!  How is the ‘cancel culture’ going to process this news?

It seems that Beck hired a genealogical firm to follow ol’ Joe’s family tree to the generations that preceded the Civil War and came up with this gem.

When I searched around I see that allegations of a slave-owning past have been leveled against the family before, but have been quickly dismissed by the likes of Snopes. Beck apparently figured ‘where there was smoke there was fire‘ and hired investigators to get the goods.

Below is Beck in a Youtube video yesterday, but you can also go here to see the video in case Youtube yanks it.  Beck predicts that the mainstreamers will bury this uncomfortable fact unless you help spread the news.

Of course we understand that no one can be held responsible for every family member for generations, but since the Progressive Left wants to cancel Thomas Jefferson that would make Joe Robinette Biden fair game, right!



You can go here for links to the census documents Beck’s team has unearthed.

The Left will not have to address these allegations because Beck predicts the story will not reach their ears.

If accurate, that would make both the top and bottom of the Democrat ticket descendants of slave owners.  Harris’  Jamaican family tree included a more prosperous slave owner than Biden’s however.

By the way, George Washington freed his slaves in his will, their full emancipation came on January 1, 1801.  Beck’s records show that Joe’s ancestors held on right up to the Civil War—more than a half century later.

Neither Donald Trump or Mike Pence have a drop of slave-owner blood.

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4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Joe Biden’s Ancestors Were Maryland Slave Owners!

  1. This will be the test, whether this will make a difference to those that want to destroy Thomas Jefferson. This is a huge development thanks Ann and Glenn Beck

  2. Why not forward this to Rush, Gallagher, Malkin, Levin, Hannity, Carlson and so on? It’s bound to get out.

    1. Good suggestion, but LOL! I expect slave owning great, great, great Grand pappy has been eclipsed by crack smoking son story.

  3. Let’s see now..

    Kamala Harris’s family were slave owners and slave ‘breeders’.. Now this.

    ..A perfect match made in hell..

    What’s right with this picture? Nothing!

    Now, they want to turn you and me in to slaves.. ..slaves to their ‘State’ of Marxism..

    No matter how many things change around us, the more they stay the same..

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