This is a Big Election For CAIR and Muslims Vote

They want to display their voting power as their population continues to expand….

No big revelations here.  I just wanted you to see what CAIR is doing and saying about the November election where they are pulling out all the stops to get Muslims to the polls.

CAIR estimates there are well over 1 million registered American Muslim voters in the United States, with large communities residing in key swing states. A recent CAIR survey indicates that 89% of registered Muslim voters intend to vote in the November 3rd General Election. 

Muslims Vote has a very handy Voter Guide.  If you are not sure about the rules in your state, you can check their guide for when voter registration ends and when and where you can vote in person.

Muslims Vote and CAIR are pushing their people to vote by mail, however ballots by mail must be filled out properly and mailed properly with lots of opportunities for mistakes that could disqualify the ballot.

By the way, that is why you should vote in person either on election day or at an early voting location where your vote is being recorded at an official election site.

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