Blacks Want to Protect Their Homes too (against BLM!)

Just like the McCloskey’s, the white couple in St. Louis, it seems that black people want to protect their homes and lives too from aggressive and frightening anarchists.

You’ve probably seen the news, but just in case.  Hat tip: Cristina

From KTLA:

Husband of L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey charged with assault after waving gun at protesters

The husband of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has been charged with pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter members who demonstrated outside the couple’s home the day before she faced a primary election in March.

The ballot box is not enough for the anarchists. Imagine this going on outside your home day or night.


The state attorney general filed three misdemeanor charges Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against David Lacey for assault with a firearm for the March 2 incident.

Lacey, 66, pointed a gun at demonstrators who protested outside the couple’s home before dawn on March 2 and said “I will shoot you,” according to video of the incident.

Dishonest media doesn’t mention until later that he was shouting “Get off my porch!”  They were on his porch!

Jackie Lacey offered an emotional apology at the time, saying her husband told her he pulled the gun and told protesters to leave.
Lacey’s campaign issued a statement Tuesday saying her husband thought they were in danger and was trying to protect them.

“The events that took place earlier this year have caused my family immense pain,” Lacey said in the statement. “My husband acted in fear for my safety after we were subjected to months of harassment that included a death threat no less than a week earlier.”

Lacey, the first Black person and first woman to run what is the nation’s largest local prosecutor’s office, has been targeted for nearly three years by Black Lives Matter protesters, who have held weekly demonstrations outside her office calling for her ouster.

More here.

This is a Tweet posted at the time of the incident.  I wanted to see a youtube clip of the confrontation, but the only ones available today have shortened the exchange. There is a bit more here with drums banging in the background.




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