President of Libertarian Think Tank Supports the Mob


Jerry Taylor, President of the Washington, DC Niskanen Center which is often described as left-libertarian (promoting an “open society”) tweeted in support of the mob in the case of the St. Louis homeowners who protected their home and property earlier this week from an Antifa mob that broke into a gated community headed to the home of St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson.

First, if you haven’t seen at least a brief minute of the clip that came to Tucker Carlson’s attention last night (Carlson says the couple will be on his show tonight), here it is.

By the way it took a few minutes to find a clip that didn’t have a leftwing moral lesson attached.


What is the Niskanen Center (named after an adviser to Ronald Reagan)?

Well, by a funny coincidence I wrote about it here on Saturday at RRW as they are just one more swamp dwelling think tank, a spin-off of the Cato Institute, that is promoting ever more immigration and increased refugee resettlement, but not from the ‘humanitarian’ side, instead their primary motivation is from the business community’s perspective—give us more cheap labor.  When do we want it? Now!

One of my primary reasons for writing about them was to point out that Washington is filled with groups like this….

From the Swamp: Libertarian Think Tank Bemoans Loss of Refugee Laborers

So what exactly did Mr. Taylor, who pulls down a quarter of a million dollar salary as President of the non-profit “moderate” Niskanen Center (which touts Republican Linda Chavez as one of its board members), say on Twitter?



The Federalist has a detailed accounting of the whole exchange, here.

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4 thoughts on “President of Libertarian Think Tank Supports the Mob

  1. This guy is amazingly stupid. He is going to rush two well armed and agitated people and beat them? What a fool! His comments say more for the lack of common sense and the thuggery of his organization than anything.

  2. So, the President of this Libertarian “think thank” thinks these riots,violence and thuggery is just fine.

    So, Jerry Taylor….if they come for your family….how okay will that be?

  3. Psychopath. His malice is unacceptable in a civilized society. However, that is not their objective.
    What would happen if that occurred at his home?

  4. They’re not racist lunatics, they’re american citizens protecting their home and their lives.
    The rioters broke the law when they entered this gated community–they were trespassing people! They have the right to defend themselves!

    The media needs to stop shoving BLM in our faces making us feel guilty for people
    of color. Granted, there are people who are still racists and bigots, but I’m not one of
    them. So don’t include me when you journalists editorialize that “we” need to do a better job at accepting people of color or we need to fund more. These rioters should be arrested for trespassing.

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