Sandmann’s Crime: Smiling While White

This is some news you surely already know—teenager Nicholas Sandmann awarded big bucks from legacy media outlets who defamed and vilified him without the facts in that incident in Washington, DC following a prolife march in January 2019.

To the media losers, Sandmann, with his pleasant smile and Trump hat, represented the perfect punching bag for the release of their hatred toward America firsters.  The last laugh is Sandmann’s (for now)!

(Don’t miss the New York Post op-ed urging more conservatives to follow the young Kentuckians lead.)

I’m posting this story not so much to give you the news of Sandmann’s victory that you likely already knew, but to post the warning writer, John Zmirak, pens at the end of his story on the stunning slapdown of the Washington Post (and others).

From The Stream (hat tip: Meanymom):

Nick Sandmann Wasn’t Supposed to Survive. He Was Meant to End Up Like Mike Adams.

Nick Sandmann just turned 18 years old. And he’s settling a $250 million lawsuit with major media outlets that libeled him. Let’s send him our congratulations and prayers.

I was prepping Robert Oscar Lopez’s powerful piece on Mike Adams for publication when I realized something chilling. Reading how the left hounded that talented writer to suicide (if indeed he wasn’t murdered) I heard in my head the media headline that never ran. Thanks be to God.

“Racist Ringleader, Nicholas Sandmann, Dead at 17.”

That’s what the media mob wanted. They as good as admitted it.

When powerful reporters call a young man’s face “the most punchable in America,” that’s what they mean. When columnists and activists propose “doxing” him, contacting every college he ever applies to, or job he tries to get, that’s what they mean.

When Sandmann’s own Catholic bishop threw him to the wolves, when his school suspended him, when “conservative” columnists at National Review and other venues denounced him as “bigoted,” they were writing him off for life. They were branding him on his face with the most destructive charge available in America. The charge that’s now burning cities and getting Trump supporters murdered.


They’re Coming for Us

That’s where we stand in 2020, as leftists verbally tap dance on Mike Adams’ coffin. I wish Mr. Sandmann well, and advise him to take his money and move somewhere sane, like Poland. Maybe start a Catholic college there. Because the kind of leftists who dug up Adams’ columns from 20 years ago to goad him to his grave aren’t finished with Nick Sandmann. They can’t forgive his innocence, his victory, or his smile.

They’re coming for him. They’re coming for me. And then they’ll come for you and your kids.

Get yourself to the gun range. Make friends there. Organize local militias, to step in when the police (afraid for their pensions) meekly disband. We don’t need two Americans like the McCloskeys in St. Louis, but two million or ten million. That’s the only way this madness ends.

Read it all.

You might be interested in Tucker Carlson’s interview with writer Zmirak.


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4 thoughts on “Sandmann’s Crime: Smiling While White

  1. Hello Ann,

    Thank you very much for posting your Blog Article on Nick Sandman, and the Video link for Tucker Carlson’s interview.

    As stated in the Video presentation, once in awhile something good happens!
    I was all for Nick Sandman the very first time I read of his encounter with marchers in January 2019.

    If he is really smart, he should take the money and move to Hungary! Because if he stays in the United States he will be murdered.

    As for Mike Adams – that is quite sad (no, I did not previously know about his fate).
    I personally knew a Mike Adams several years ago; however I am unsure if it is the same Mike Adams as we lost touch with each other quite awhile ago .


    1. LOL! I was tempted to add “Hungary” into that post, but Poland is the next best thing!

  2. Hello Ann,

    Since I never received an email regarding my reply regarding your Blog Article on: “Sandmann’s Crime: Smiling While White”; nor your comment in answer to mine, I decided to go directly to your website. I finally got through after several agtempts.

    Google would NOT let me get through to you my using “search”.
    They also blocked (refused my search) on the subject matter of Nicholas Sandmann.
    I had searched in several ways of asking the question for his Birth Date (Day, Month, Year) but never did I receive any useful information – it kept referring back to the incident in Washington D.C.

    Then I put in the Search Bar: Why is the Birth Date, Month, and Year of Nicholas Sandmann being blocked?
    A message popped up asking me to submit I was not a Robot. When I clicked on that, the next message was: “Your computer is sending out information we cannot accept. Try again later”

    They apparently don’t like me! Nor you! And they certainly don’t like my asking questions that apparently are “not acceptable”


    1. Not a surprise to hear. I can tell by numbers that many new people cannot find my blogs. Everyone should keep trying to find information and get it out as best they can. In the meantime, don’t completely isolate yourself where you live. Find like minded people and be prepared for your safety and those around you.

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