Koch Money Funds Open Borders Agenda; Attempts to Sway Supreme Court

Everyone knows that George Soros funds Leftwing causes and is a proponent of open borders, but even as the Koch brothers (David Koch died this year) have been tagged as the conservative movements money bags, not everyone knows the Kochs have pushed the immigration issue on the same side as Soros and his ilk.

Freedom Partners, my foot! The Left paints the Koch family as the boogeymen on the right. But, make no mistake they are on the same side as George Soros on the most important issue of all time for the survival of America—immigration.

Maybe it happened in your state, but about 8 years ago or so, Americans for Prosperity (Koch creation) came on the scene in Maryland and initially Tea Party groups were thrilled to have a well-funded ally—that is, until it became clear that the subject of immigration (the hottest issue in Maryland at that time) was off the table.

Now comes news that the Koch name is front and center in support of the so-called ‘Dreamers’ as Trump’s effort to dismantle an Obama era executive order that gave amnesty to scores of ‘children’ (not adults) who came to America illegally were given permission to stay and work in America (of course the plan is to eventually give them citizenship and voting rights) goes to the Supreme Court.

Koch’s interest is financial as the subject of labor, and lots of it, is the driving force behind much of the Open Borders movement’s agenda.  Humanitarian lingo is a shield they hide behind!

Here is The Hill:

Koch groups take immigration art exhibit to DC ahead of DACA hearing at Supreme Court

The top nonprofit groups affiliated with conservative mega-donor Charles Koch are unveiling a pop-up art exhibit in Washington, D.C., meant to extol the benefits of immigration.

The “Common Ground” exhibit comes ahead of a Nov. 12 Supreme Court hearing on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

It features nine doors with life-size video screens that show different aspects of immigrant life in the United States.


Common Ground propaganda—what a lot of money buys! https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2019-10-03/koch-backed-groups-take-on-immigration-starting-in-miami


The exhibit is being brought to Washington by Stand Together, the main nonprofit arm of the Koch network, in conjunction with Americans for Prosperity and the Libre Institute, also nonprofit groups within the Koch orbit.

The exhibit will open Tuesday in Washington’s renovated Wharf area, after showings at Nashville’s Politicon and Miami’s Wynwood Art District.

It shows nine aspects of immigrant life, starting with a door titled “Meet Dreamers,” in allusion to DACA recipients, commonly known as “Dreamers.”

Dreamers are on the forefront of the immigration debate as the Supreme Court gears up for the Nov. 12 hearing, where it will decide on the legality of President Trump’s 2017 order to revoke the Obama-era program.

Under DACA, undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as minors, registered, paid a fee and passed a background check were given a reprieve from deportation and permission to work in the country. Those permits are renewable every two years.

The program was meant as a bridge while Congress legislated a permanent solution for Dreamers.

Trump in September 2017 canceled the program, arguing President Obama had overreached and single-handedly legislated on immigration by granting work permits in addition to deferred action on deportation.

And, for you, the worker whose salaries are kept low by a steady supply of cheap immigrant labor, or you whose community is destroyed by diversity, or you, taxpayers, who pay for welfare benefits and health care for Koch/Soros workers and non-workers, there are no money bags supporting your side of the argument.

There is only the President.

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3 thoughts on “Koch Money Funds Open Borders Agenda; Attempts to Sway Supreme Court

  1. A book written by a border patrol agent in the 1950’s relates that as an agent he was told to stand down as thousands of illegal Mexicans were brought to the border area and bused to planes to be flown to different plant locations in the US. His name was Buck Newsome and his book was called “Shod in Iron.” His take on the border is telling, government officials arranged this to happen. It is still going on with the Pillow Guy, Yogurt companies, etc. The illegals work in all the hotels in LV. I called the culinary union and asked if I had to be a citizen to join the union. She said NO, I needed a local residence, a driver’s card and a SS number. I said if I am not a citizen, how can I get a SS number? She said, “one of your family members?” This goes on with the carpenters union, the other construction unions. It is rampant.

    1. I had heard that the “pillow guy” was a conservative … do you know for sure if he hires illegals etc?

      1. No, I have to say I don’t know for sure but his factory is in Minnesota and it is chock full of Muslims there. I ordered 2 pillows and they were really crappy, just chunks of end cuts of foam. I very much suspect it is true, but just like the yogurt companies and chicken processing, they don’t make it front page news. So the answer is no. The Shod in Iron book is verifiable, you can get a copy on amazon. I found mine in an old military museum for 1 dollar.

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