Dark Winter? What Could Biden have Meant?

Do not miss Leo Hohmann’s latest post:

Bracing for a ‘DARK WINTER’

Here are the opening paragraphs, but you must read it all.

After his stumbling performance in Thursday night’s debate, and the way in which his campaign seems to be hiding him from public view, it’s hard to imagine how Joe Biden wins the presidency on Nov. 3.

What does the demented old man mean by “dark winter?”

If Biden was seriously trying to win, he would be out on the campaign trail like President Trump, not in his basement.

The way Biden is acting, it’s almost as if he’s been told not to worry, the outcome is not going to be decided by vote tallies.

With that in mind, let’s think outside the box and examine some possibilities that may sound insane, until we detach ourselves from our normalcy bias.***

From this vantage point, all roads lead to the same dark place — a second coronavirus lockdown, indeed a harder lockdown than the first one.

And it could be accompanied this time by a coup d’ etat to remove Trump from office. Look for the establishment [deep state supported by deep media] to conjure up some false pretense to justify his removal despite the fact that he will win re-election on Nov. 3, fair and square.

All the signals are pointing to this. And the latest came from Biden himself.

During the debate, Biden held up his black mask, looked straight into the camera and said “We’re about to go into a dark winter.”

***As I explained in a post a couple of months ago  ‘normalcy bias’ has resulted in the deaths of millions throughout history. There is no downside to considering all of the possibilities for the coming weeks, months, and God forbid years, just don’t stress.  We are in God’s hands.

Now keep reading Hohmann’s dire warning!

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4 thoughts on “Dark Winter? What Could Biden have Meant?

  1. I think it means a literally Dark Winter because they are going to pull the plug on the grid in some kind of staged event. Deborah Tavares at StopTheCrime.net has warned about this (go to her site and visit their you tube channel) as well as Israeli News Live (Steve and Jana Ben-Nun, Jewish Christians with contacts in high places) They are moving onto other platforms like BrandNewTube because the censors don’t like their truth. They also post on Fact News Network, Rise Up Children of God, Patreon. I was very glad that Steve and Jana Ben-Nun started having Tavares on their channels because she’s been a mine of information for years.

  2. It means that this dementid old man is going to go back in the basement and the rest are suppose to close our doors to living outside. No more jobs and no mire making money.
    This is what the people voted for. Socialism/ communistic country

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