Hunter Biden Rides the Dragon

I don’t normally have the ability to sit still for 40 minutes, but for this I did.  Over a million of you have watched already.

Watch Glenn Beck’s documentary investigation into the Biden family’s deals in China and Ukraine.  And, then spread it around because it looks like the mainstream media is going to bury the story about damning evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

(Hat tip: Jim)

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2 thoughts on “Hunter Biden Rides the Dragon

  1. I don’t do Glenn Beck, but you can also learn about the #BidenCrimeFamily from America’s Mayor Rudy G., one of the President’s personal attorneys.

    Rudy G has done extensive reporting on this topic and has a copy of the hard drive that drunk Hunter Biden abandoned at a computer repair shop.

  2. OAN has also done a marvelous job of outing these crooks. This is Part 1 of their OAN Investigates 3-part series on #TheBidernCrimeFamily.

    2020.06.20 – OAN Investigates Biden’s Bribe Tapes Part 1

    You will see the links to Part 2 & 3 on the same page.

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