Trump is Literally the Only Person Who can Stop the Revolution

And, the revolution is real! We are not in the midst of a euphemistic revolution but a real one!  We are the closest we have ever come to being overthrown by real revolutionaries working to advance the New World Order. And, only one man stands in the way!

This man, dancing to the tune of the Village People’s ‘Macho Man’ at massive Florida rally:

He drove the progressives mad on Monday night.


Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh (who is now on Twitter in a serious way) urged his followers to take 15 minutes to watch some guy most of us have never heard of, but whose speech tells us how high the stakes are for this country.

Text and video at Real Clear Politics:

Claremont Institute Chairman Thomas Klingenstein: Trump 2020: A Man vs. A Movement

…we are very lucky to have him. I am almost prepared to say that having him is Providential. How else to explain that we find ourselves with this most unusual, most unpresidential man who has just the attributes most needed for this moment. At any other time, he might well have been a bad president. But in these times—these revolutionary times—he is the best president we could have had.

Watch it!

And, our friend Leo Hohmann also tells us how high the stakes are in his latest post:

8 tenets of the New World Order revealed – and every one of them is on the ballot Nov. 3

A vote for Biden is a vote for the NWO…You have a choice…Where do you stand?

Read it and watch the embedded video of Joe Biden in 2013 endorsing the New World Order.


It was only a little over a decade ago anyone who talked about a New World Order with a diminished America was labelled a nut and relegated to the fringes of polite society.

Of course, anyone reading these pages knows all this, but it is so important to get the word to your friends and neighbors sitting on fences and ho-humming believing this is just one more presidential election.

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