Do Not Miss Leo Hohmann Today!

Leo has been away working elsewhere in recent months, but he is back now and focusing his journalistic skills and analytic mind on the COVID ‘crisis’ that has brought our beloved country to its knees.

Today he highlights the media bias (and downright fakery) that is allowing the goals of the cultural Marxists to advance in weeks in a war that has been going on for a century.

Here is the photo with which he opens his post, but that is only the first of several stunning revelations (you have been hearing about some of them, but they are all in one place here).

The staff was asked to come out and line up their cars for a staged photo!


Read it all!

Virus used as prop to launch wave of psychological warfare & fake news against Americans

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3 thoughts on “Do Not Miss Leo Hohmann Today!

  1. Will we, the truth-tellers, be heard? You do amazing work. Leo Hohmann is doing amazing work. So many are speaking out. Today, in my inbox, an article on Taiwan and Covic-19: 429 contagions, 6 deaths, NO SHUTDOWN – NO SCHOOL OR SHOP CLOSINGS. Yet Taiwan is close to China. How was this done? Simple. Social distancing and masks when outdoors. That was all that was needed. And no new cases in 17 days, according to the report I got today.

    Very very destructive forces pushing societies in the West.

  2. Has anyone out there seen a recent interview with Tom Hanks? He made a statement.

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