African Teen Charged in Death of Maine Man Wants Special Favors

This is an update of a story we have followed from its outset when a gang of African ‘new American’ teens attacked some white Lewiston, Maine residents at a local park in June 2018.

Donald G. Giusti

The gang attack resulted in the death of Don Giusti.  It took months for authorities, who viewed videos of the fight, to determine just which local immigrant teens were responsible and who exactly threw the projectile that resulted in Giusti’s death.

Now we see that Emmanuel Nkurunziza, who has been charged, is free to go to school and now wants his ankle monitor removed, that despite the fact that he has on several occasions failed to show up for meetings with his court-designated supervisor.

From the Sun Journal:

(h/t: Frank)

Bail in question for teen charged in Lewiston slaying

AUBURN — Prosecutors are seeking to have bail revoked for a former Lewiston man charged with manslaughter in the 2018 death of 38-year-old Donald Giusti near Kennedy Park in Lewiston.

My guess is that Emmanuel Nkurunziza, 18, is a flight risk. No ethnicity is reported, but he is very likely from a refugee family placed in Maine in recent years and may have family members still in Africa.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Emmanuel Nkurunziza, 18, of Biddeford are hoping to persuade a judge that his bail conditions are too restrictive and should be loosened.

A bail hearing is scheduled for next week in Augusta.

While awaiting trial, Nkurunziza was allowed by a judge to move from Lewiston to Biddeford to live with his parents and attend the public school there. He was ordered in September to wear an electronic ankle bracelet monitor and be supervised by Maine Pretrial Services.

According to court papers, a case manager for that organization wrote that Nkurunziza had failed to report to his supervisor’s office three times since September, most recently on Jan. 7.The terms of his agreement dictate that he report to his supervisor’s office every Tuesday between 3:20 and 3:45 p.m. or as directed.

Last month, he emailed his supervisor roughly an hour after he was due to report to her office to tell her he had forgotten to check in at the designated time and asked whether he could check in the next day instead, a case manager wrote in an affidavit. According to that document, Nkurunziza also had failed to report to his supervisor on Nov. 26, and Oct. 9 last year.

Cry me a river!

Nkurunziza filed a motion seeking to allow him more flexibility in coordinating his reporting to his supervisor with his school schedule.

He also is hoping that the judge will lift the electronic monitoring requirement to better accommodate Nkurunziza’s school schedule that makes it difficult to keep the device charged. The conspicuous device also has made it difficult for him to apply for jobs, his lawyers have argued.  [Imagine that!—ed]

Much more. Read it all.

Lewiston, Maine has been embroiled in controversy ever since the Somali migration to Maine (generous welfare!) began almost two decades ago.  I have a large archive on the city at RRW.


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5 thoughts on “African Teen Charged in Death of Maine Man Wants Special Favors

  1. At that age, and back in Africa, he would be carrying an AK47, and hunting other people..

    THAT is what we have imported to American communities..

    THAT is the problem.

    THAT is just how stupid the ‘Public Authority’ in America is TODAY..

    THAT is what Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and all the other VOLAG’s have done to America for their ’30 pieces of Silver’..

  2. Because of the entitlement attitude by our politicians, religious groups, with these refugees and illegal aliens, they all think they are above the law and entitled to special treatment. All because our politicians are publicly stating that they are better than American citizens and entitled to more free stuff, breaking laws, murder, stealing from the system, but our own politicians are telling them so.

  3. Most of the immigrants want some type of special treatment whether it is public assistance free medical coverage housing and food assistance
    Housing special incarceration treatment and bleeding heart officials bend over backwards to give them what they want.

  4. Let’s ask the victim if Nkurunzizi’s bail condidtions are too restrictive. Oh wait, we can’t. He’s DEAD.

  5. The mass immigration of Muslims is a Trojan Horse. We have implanted our own demise in multiple locales across our country (note: Lewiston and Ilhan Omar in Congress). The reproductive rate and the intended “supremacy” of Islam will be our downfall. It may take time that this generation of leftist political idiots will not live to see, but the future will note their fault in the destruction of America.

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