A Blog to See: Illegal Alien Crime Report

A reader sent me a link to a blog focusing on illegal alien crimes.

See it by clicking here.

Screenshot (892)
This is a screenshot of a portion of the site’s banner this morning.


Although I do include violent crimes committed by migrants (aka ‘new Americans’) of all sorts here at Frauds and Crooks, this site looks to be a one-stop shop collecting the worst of the worst cases of violence being perpetrated on our country and our people by those who should not be here in the first place!

Yesterday I questioned why the horrific beheading in Seattle never made the news nationally—one more example of why one must read widely on the web to understand what is happening to America.

I think the future of journalism is in the hands of media outlets/blogs on the net, and so, as I have said on many previous occasions, you should be blogging too either on a specific topic that does not get enough attention by the mainstream media, or for a specific location—your town, city, or state!

Imagine if every town or county had a blog or website competing with a local Leftwing small town paper!

Housekeeping Update

Several readers reported that they could not read the gray typeface used on this WordPress theme. So with the help of WordPress support, you should notice a darker type going forward.

Let me know if the formatting changes caused any other problems that I am not seeing right now. Changing the format might have messed up how you see your subscription e-mails on your phone.

Which brings me to another issue. I’ve been asked if there is any way to send my stories from your phone e-mails directly to say twitter or facebook, but I am told there is nothing I can do on my end to make that possible.

However, I assume you all know how to find Frauds, Crooks and Criminals on your phones.  And once you do that you can then send posts out to any social media you wish.

You probably know this, but if you are at this site and click on the title to a post, the url for that post will appear in your browser.  Likewise if you click on the header (the blue guy in jail!), you will be returned to Home.

Again, sometimes it’s best to read right here on the blog where you can see my twitter feed, see the most recent stories I’ve posted, and, as I grow the categories, you can see posts in say the category for ‘immigration fraud’ that you might have missed.

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Also, at the end of each post you are offered choices for how to share or print stories.

Do you see the little box at the end of each post that says ‘More?’  Click on it and it opens up many avenues for sharing posts to social media.

Thanks as always for visiting!  And, let me know if this format is working for you.


Oh, and one more thing! If you are seeing Frauds and Crooks for the first time, see my ‘Welcome’ post that explains what I am aiming to accomplish!

Are You Writing a Blog Where You Live?

Two weeks in to this new blog—Frauds, Crooks and Criminals—I’m reminded of all the great work many of you do researching issues where you live, national issues too!

But, are you getting that important information out on a local or state website?  If not, why not!

You know that information is power, right!  However, it has little value if it doesn’t reach outside your front door or go much farther than your facebook friends’ computers.

free speech zone map
They will have a harder time shutting down free speech if you all are writing!

Believe me, it is not rocket science to set up a wordpress website, or some other hosting site.  I do think facebook is a good way to get your research/ideas out more widely, but facebook has limitations and will increasingly give you problems.

And, besides, on facebook, I don’t think there is any way to categorize and make available the information you have unearthed for someone to find months or years later (correct me if I am wrong).

Which brings me to the issue of comments here at Frauds and Crooks.  Believe me! Most people will not read comments longer than my original posts! Heck, I hardly have time to read them!  (See my comment on commenting under the header.)

Budding investigators!  Please, please, please, set up a website/blog of your own!

Give your blog a theme, it could be on the vast issue of immigration (obviously my passion), or focus on your geographic location. Write a blog about what is going on in your city or state (LOL! compete with your Left leaning local paper that won’t even publish your Letters to the Editor!).

Plug away at it a little bit every day and you will be surprised at the body of information you will have compiled in a few short months.

The speech police will have a much harder time silencing us if all of you are writing!

Let me know when you’ve got that new blog of your own up and running!

Endnote: If you are new to Frauds and Crooks, see my welcome post here.

Welcome to My New Blog!

As many of you know, I wrote the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch for eleven years beginning in July of 2007. My goal was to educate Americans about the US Refugee Admissions Program and related refugee issues here and around the world.

Ann SPLC artwork

I wanted to see the USRAP reformed, and although President Donald Trump has slowed the flow of refugees into the US, it is not enough.

I could be wrong, but I don’t see the major reform I believe is needed happening as the Democrats now control the House of Representatives.

Beating my head against a wall for two more years strikes me as nuts!

So, I’m doing what I threatened over the years and am writing a blog about frauds and crooks.

My inspiration and purpose is to balance news like this news from Columbus, Ohio about a Left-wing film company planning a ‘diversity is beautiful’ film just in time for the 2020 Presidential election!

If you have been a long time reader of RRW, you know my side interest was in SNAP fraud, otherwise known as food stamp fraud, not the little stuff, but the huge scam involving trafficking in food stamps.

This blog will be about that fraud and a heckuva lot of other frauds being perpetrated on  US taxpayers and average citizens. There is medicare and medicaid fraud, money laundering scams, daycare fraud, vote fraud, immigration and asylum fraud, and even frauds on lonely little old ladies using popular dating services….

….not to mention crimes and terrorism that don’t involve money, but threaten our safety and the safety of our country.

So you can see, I will have a lot of material to write about!

You will be happy to hear that I don’t expect to write more than one or two posts a day with the exception of sending out short, time sensitive fraud alerts as they come up.

And, one last thing!  I have chosen a clean website format and hope to keep it simple to read and navigate.  There won’t be any ads popping up either!

Don’t miss my twitter feed in the right hand sidebar!

Thanks for visiting!


P.S. Be sure to read my rules about commenting under the header.