Virginia: Gang Data Base to be Discontinued, too Many Non-Whites are in it!

Until this morning, I had never heard of The Red Elephants, but here they are reporting on a Washington Post story from late January.

A gang database that has been used for ten years to help law enforcement keep track of gang members in Maryland and Virginia is being attacked by Leftwingers as racist.

New Americans! Maryland/Virginia MS-13 arrested in 2019 for gang murder claimed to be refugees.


By the way, one of its uses by law enforcement was to be sure that when they jailed a gang member they didn’t put him in with an opposing gang member.

Seems like one good reason for the Democrat Socialists to like the data base. Nah, race baiting is so much more fun and profitable for them.

Here is The Red Elephant, not pulling punches as the WaPo does in its story:

Northern Virginia Task Force Gets Rid of Gang Database Due to Gangbangers Being Mainly Non-White

If you spot patterns, you might just be a racist.

Heck, any public body that notices not-so comfortable patterns about criminal behavior could be in a lot of trouble. Hence, the decision by the North Virginia Regional Gang Task Force to discontinue using GangNet, a database that compiles a list of alleged gang members in the D.C. area.

Anti-white activists claimed that this database intentionally over-represents the instances that non-whites are involved in crimes. Previously, when people’s brains weren’t infected by the woke virus, these databases were reliable tools law enforcement officials used to track gang activities. Now, ethnic panderers believe that statistics that show non-white criminality are suddenly racist.


More than 120 law enforcement agencies in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. use GangNet. The Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) runs this database and claims that the files of 7,800 alleged gang members are stored in its database. The database has been used for around a decade.

The Red Elephant shows some truths….from the FBI!


More here.

Next up: Biden/Harris are coming for your guns. It is racist of you if you want to protect yourself from roving gang members.

Editor’s note!

Please see that in response to questions from readers I’ve begun what is going to be a weekly tutorial of sorts on Community Organizing.  This post will be updated regularly and you can find it in my sidebar under the photo of yes, Barack Hussein Obama, community organizer extraordinaire!

Virginia: Dems Out in the Open Setting Up Opportunity for Election Fraud

And, this could be happening where you live as well!

See yesterday’s commentary by Catherine Trauernicht at the Bull Elephant:

What you can do NOW to promote Election Integrity

There is something you can do right now to promote election integrity in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Democrats in the General Assembly are colluding with Governor Ralph Northam to undermine the sanctity of your vote.  You must act NOW!

Here is what you can do:

Contact the State Board of Elections and say NO to a proposed regulation that would:

Permit absentee ballots to be delivered to the Office of Elections by Noon on Friday after Election Day with no proof that they had been submitted on or before Election Day.

Background:  Prior to this year’s General Assembly (GA) action, absentee ballots had to be returned to the Office of Elections or local polling stations by 7PM on Election Day when the polls closed.  If they missed the deadline, they were not counted.

This year, the GA amended the election law statute and Gov. Northam signed the bill into law, permitting absentee ballots to be postmarked by Election Day and received by the Office of Elections by Noon on Friday following Election Day.

Subsequently, the Virginia State Board of Elections proposed a regulation stating that an absentee ballot could be returned by Noon on Friday after Election Day with NO postmark or other proof that it had been submitted by 7PM on Election Day.  [Note: the Board of Elections cannot alter election law by regulatory action, but they’re trying.]

Continue reading to see the trick that the Board of Elections is trying to pull off that effectively extends the deadline.

There is a proposed regulation.  Comments end October 2nd and all Virginia patriots need to get to work!  

We all better be checking our own states for Board of Elections’ strategies to dilute our votes!

Changing the subject! 

I am reminded again how lucky Virginia conservatives are to have a publication like the Bull Elephant.  I wish all states had media outlets providing news for our people.

Be a citizen journalist!

There is a lot of talk on social media these days about how Big Tech is silencing the most visible voices on the Right and that this trend will be accelerated at the time of the election and the days and weeks following the election as the Left plans to create chaos, confusion and anger when Trump likely pulls off a victory.

And, that brings me to a point I have been making for ten years.  Everyone of you reading this should consider setting up your own local blog (ultimately to replace your local leftwing paper) because they won’t be able to shut everyone up.

As they thwart news coming out of big blogs, your voice might still reach your circle of followers (even if its ten people in your neighborhood).

Also, If you are already on Twitter and Facebook, lay low and don’t get tossed from the platform in the next few weeks.  It might be fun to report that you have been targeted, but it won’t be helpful when communication becomes vital to our survival.


Maryland: Alleged Rapist Released Due to Covid, Murders Victim

This is a dreadful story and a prime example of the asinine policy of releasing even a young criminals due to fears that the poor fellows would get the Chinese virus while awaiting trial.

From WUSA-9:

Rape suspect who was freed due to coronavirus kills his accuser in Alexandria, police say

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Police in Virginia say that a rape suspect released from jail in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic went on to kill the woman who had accused him.

Ibrahim E. Bouaichi (33) was released from a Maryland jail in April!

The Washington Post reports that Ibrahm E. Bouaichi was tracked down by authorities on Wednesday. But he shot himself and was in grave condition on Thursday.

Bouaichi was indicted last year on charges that included rape, strangulation and abduction. He was jailed without bond in Alexandria.

The woman testified against him in Alexandria District Court in December.

When the pandemic hit, Bouaichi’s lawyers argued that he should be freed awaiting trial because the virus endangered both inmates and their attorneys. He was released on $25,000 bond over the objections of a prosecutor.

Now retired Judge Nolan Dawkins released Bouaichi due to claims that the creep’s health would be impaired by the Chinese virus.

Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins released Bouaichi on the condition that he only leave his Maryland home to meet with his lawyers or pretrial services officials. [What! No ankle monitor, no nothing!—ed]

Alexandria police say that Bouaichi, 33, fatally shot the woman in late July.

Authorities said that federal marshals and Alexandria police spotted and pursued Bouaichi in Prince George’s County on Wednesday. He crashed his vehicle and apparently shot himself, authorities said.

Judge Dawkins retired in June. He did not respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment. Judges are often prohibited from commenting on pending cases.

Bouaichi’s attorneys, Manuel Leiva and Frank Salvato said in a statement that they were “certainly saddened by the tragedy both families have suffered here.”  [BFD! Saddened, that’s all!—ed]


Police said the woman was a native of Venezuela and did not have family in this country.

See the video attached to this story for more details.

And also see the UK Daily Mail which has a photo of the poor woman.

And, get this! He had been released in April on COVID fears, had a run-in with police in May and then went on to allegedly murder the Venezuelan woman in July.

Here is what the Daily Mail says about the May incident:

Bouaichi did have another run in with the law prior to the shooting, when in May he was arrested by Greenbelt police after they received a holdup alarm at a Wendy’s restaurant.

Responding officers say Bouaichi was acting strangely in the drive-thru and became uncooperative with police.

He was arrested and charged with two count of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, harming a law enforcement dog, resisting arrest, driving while intoxicated and multiple traffic charges.

He was released from Maryland jail on May 11, with Alexandria officials saying that they would have revoked his bond had they known about the incident. 

That is disgusting. We know that Maryland is soft of criminals, especially immigrant criminals, but this is an outrage even for Maryland.

What say you Governor Hogan?

Virginia “Coonman” Lectures Us!

The nerve of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam!

On Thursday, after ordering a statue of Robert E. Lee be removed, he had the gall to lecture Virginians and indeed all Americans about being racists.

Northam’s Medical School yearbook page!  Think about this! Medical School, not High School!


See what Virginia patriot Catherine Trauernicht had to say to the Governor in the Bull Elephant, a Virginia publication for right of center Virginians.  Her entire column is here, and below are the opening paragraphs.

An aside:  To my reader who asked yesterday what can ‘we’ do about a troubled America, my answer is find some thing ‘you’ can do every day, even if it seems tiny and insignificant, and do it.  Don’t worry about what others are doing, ask yourself at the end of each day what have I done to preserve the America we love.

Writing guest columns like this one is something you can do.  But, first, if your state or county doesn’t even have a news site like the Bull Elephant, get one!

Ralph Northam’s gall

During his press conference yesterday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam displayed shameless gall as he scolded Virginians specifically and Americans in general about their racism.

“Today we are here to be honest about our past and talk about our future,” Northam declared. “We have to confront where we’ve been in order to shape where we’re going.” THIS coming from the man who first apologized for a photograph on his medical school yearbook page, and 24 hours later said no one — not even he — could prove whether he was in blackface or the KKK white hood.

During a bizarre press conference in February 2019, Gov. Northam told us how difficult it was to get shoe polish off his face after entering a Michael Jackson dance contest. He even prepared to demonstrate the moonwalk dance routine until his wife whispered that it would not be appropriate under the circumstances. All the while, he was trying to convince Virginians that he didn’t know how the offensive photograph landed on his own yearbook page or how he acquired the nickname “Coonman.”

This is the same Ralph Northam who, during yesterday’s press conference, said, “The eyes can’t see what the mind doesn’t know.” I guess that’s why he keeps us in the dark about the yearbook page.


Vandals have in recent days defaced Richmond’s monument to Robt. E. Lee. Note the KKK scrawled on the base.


The Governor went on to speak about removing the statue of Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue in Richmond, calling it “a symbol to shore up the cause of those who didn’t want unity after the Civil War,” those who wanted to “keep the system in place.” What the Governor didn’t say was that the militant wing of the Democrat Party at that time was the Ku Klux Klan, whose uniforms were white robes, like the Klan photograph on Ralph Northam’s yearbook page. It was the southern Democrat Party who wanted the “system” to survive.

Continue reading here.

I have a category at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ entitled Politicians as frauds, and obviously this post is filed there!

CAIR Urges Muslims to Sign up for Board and Commission Posts in Virginia

It probably isn’t just Virginia.  I suspect their campaign is nationwide.

However, here is the Council on American Islamic Relations press release from Friday targeting Virginians. (Hat tip: Bob)

CAIR is very busy these days while we are hunkered down and hiding from a virus.

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 5/15/2020) — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, is calling on all Virginian Muslims to consider applying to one of Virginia’s 774 open state boards and commissions.

Apply Now: Secretary of the Commonwealth: Boards and Commissions: 2020 Appointment Openings

“Virginian Muslims interested in becoming more civilly involved in their communities and wanting to ensure the effective representation of Muslims in the government should consider applying to the hundreds of appointment openings that continually need filling, “said CAIR Director of Government Affairs Robert S. McCaw.

See what McCaw has to say about how he came to CAIR:

Press statement continues:

The Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth’s boards and commissions website lists 774 board seats that are currently vacant, as well as the seats with terms that will expire this year.

The seat descriptions indicate if there is a specific requirement for that seat (a specific profession, consumer, someone who lives in a certain congressional district, etc.).

If there is only a number listed (Seat 7), there is no specific criteria for that seat.  A “citizen” seat requires someone who is not affiliated with that profession.

For more information on the boards and commissions listed below see the Virginia Blue Book.

Click here to submit an application.

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

Calling ALL Virginians (especially you educated retirees!), why not check the list and see if there is a board or commission post where you might be able to contribute your talents!

Have a look at the list linked above—one appealing board that needs members is the ‘Office of New Americans.’  Surely they would allow one white/European ancestry person on the board!