In Response to Yesterday’s Post….

Here are a few excellent comments in response to my post yesterday on Leo Hohmann’s latest piece: ‘America at the crossroads: The silent majority vs. the advancing power of the mob.

First from Michael:

Thanks so much for this, Ann. Leo Hohmann is my all-time hero. He’s part of a tiny, tiny, tiny—less than a thousand, I’m sure, if not a hundred—handful of people who are speaking up about the obvious: we are in the middle of a full-scale revolution, and the beginnings of a genuine Civil War. It’s 1968 all over again, only this time it’s MUCH more serious.

Our beautiful, beloved country will almost certainly die a horrible death in November, without a kind of miracle. How we can get the supposed two million evangelical Christians who don’t vote, to do so in this year’s election, I have no idea. But thank goodness for Mr. Hohmann: he’s on his white horse, at least. Too bad he has no cavalry!!

From Michelle:

Ben Carson was on Fox this morning talking about the silence from people who do not support this lawlessness and mob control. He said it is up to us to stand up for what we believe and stop hiding and hoping no one will notice us. He is correct because our elected officials are doing nothing and it is soon going to be out of control. I write to my local elected and hope that others do the same. There is strength in numbers and if we all speak out, we can win our country back. Thank you Ann for speaking up all these years about the injustice to everyday americans and taxpayers.

And then this from Blurnieghey:

You would think by now these people would learn not to apologize. Why bother? You’re going to be toast no matter what you do, so you might as well stick to your guns and show some dignity.

Perhaps the “silence” of the “majority” deserves some analysis of where the average member of this ambiguous group stands in this mess. Aside from the chumps who are swallowing whatever crap the nightly news feeds them, what else do we have? People in debt to their eyeballs and possibly broke? Living paycheck to paycheck, maybe? Afraid of losing their jobs because they are “racist”? Families to support and a perhaps a liberally inclined significant other who ain’t havin’ none of it, who holds the leash? Maybe hoping to hunker down and avoid the whole mess because they are hoping to retire soon? Drugs, poor health and generally poor physical condition, and on and on.

I’m not trying to run anybody down here, but the fact remains that, if you are compromised by any of the above, you owe it to yourself to get un-compromised. If you can’t be troubled to do that, then exactly what can you be troubled for? If it’s too much work, then it isn’t unfair to question your worth in any sort of “uprising”.

It appears these scum are using our financial security and fear of discomfort as a means of control. If this intimidates you, get un-intimidated. You can’t take all your goodies with you when you go and it looks to me like they just want to incrementally grind us down, knowing that people will continue to cling to what little they have rather than strike back.

Personally, I’d much prefer to be farting around with my hobbies and enjoying myself than confronting this mess, but it’s pretty obvious what is coming down the pipeline at this point and there simply are no half-measures. They have any number of commie playbooks to draw instruction from and they are clearly using them—what do we have?

They are organized—we aren’t. Let that sink in.

The above rant aside, my gut tells me these swine are poking the bear so they can get some blowback and achieve some degree of martyrdom before they continue the siege. Speaking up and not caving is great, but the willingness of the scum to resort to violence over trivialities makes me suspicious.

What do we do? 

The only thing I know is that we must put Donald Trump in the White House for four more years and buy ourselves more time. As imperfect as he is, there is no other choice.

I told readers that in November of last year and the post is featured continually on the right hand sidebar of both of my blogs.  Click here to read it all.

And, don’t wait for one national group/leader to emerge so he or she can tell you what to do! Find some place where you can do your part this year and the years ahead (like reader Michelle is doing, it doesn’t have to be huge).

I’ve made several suggestions in that post linked above.

But, let me say, that even if Trump is successful that will not be the end of it and we need to be ready for more trouble ahead because as reader Blurnieghey says, they are organized and we are not.

Come back for my next post to see one way they are organized and thus how Michael Bloomberg’s ‘New American Economy’ helped defeat Rep. Steve King in Iowa (as Bloomberg works to change America by changing the people).

What Does the Gruesome Murder of Dorothy Dow have to do with You? Nothing or Everything?

Leo Hohmann has been hitting the mark time after time lately and his post today is one of his best yet as far as I am concerned.

A high school football announcer expressed an opinion in a Facebook post about the murder of 83-year-old Dorothy Dow and he was fired from his job.

America at the crossroads: The silent majority vs. the advancing power of the mob


Take, for example, the case of Ray McKnight. He worked as an announcer for the Newnan High School football team in Newnan, Georgia, in ultra-conservative Coweta County. But he was fired over a Facebook post he made this past weekend that his employer deemed “controversial” and offensive, even hurtful, according to the Times-Herald.

What did McKnight say that was so horrible as to warrant his immediate termination?

He said that four people deserved to “hang” for beating and burning 83-year-old Dorothy “Dot” Dow in her Meriwether County home in 2016.”


I bet you know where this is going already, you don’t even need to see who is sitting in jail charged in the murder.



Hohmann continues….

History is littered with examples of folks hunkering down and waiting for a leader to rise up from the silent majority and protect them from the mob.

Please read it all and think about it.

Do you realize that as imperfect as Donald Trump is, because of the beating he takes daily from the mob (on the Left and yes, some on the Right), there will likely be no one person who will be able (or foolish enough) to try to protect us from the vicious mob.

Have we reached a point of no return?  Or, can we muster the strength to fight back now, before it really is too late?

Nebraska: Chinese Teaching Assistant Arrested in Sexual Assault Case

Zhijun Xia, 29, a teaching assistant “originally from China” (and likely still a Chinese national) at the University of Nebraska Omaha, has been charged with sexual assault on a child.

The story is at the Omaha World Herald (hat tip: Michelle):

UNO instructor charged with sexual assault; police say he also took photos of 15-year-old girl

A graduate assistant teacher at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child on allegations that he had sex multiple times with a 15-year-old girl he was tutoring.

Zhijun Xia, $20,000 in cash will spring him. No mention of whether the judge took his passport.

Zhijun Xia, 29, an instructor in UNO’s math department, also has been charged with creating child pornography for taking photos of the girl performing sex acts on him in his UNO office, police say. If convicted, Xia, originally from China, would face a minimum of three years and a maximum of more than 100 years in prison.

According to a warrant for Xia’s arrest, the girl, now 17, went to UNO’s public safety office June 3 and to Omaha police a week later and laid out the following accusations:

The girl went to Xia for tutoring once a month. Xia began texting the girl, then 15, in June 2018.

The two began having sex a month later. The two would meet and engage in sex acts and intercourse in his car at Center Park at 159th and Valley Streets, in the parking lot of a Goodwill retail store near 181st and Q Streets and in Xia’s office on the UNO campus.

Story continues with more details of their encounters.  One wonders what took the girl so long to go to authorities.

Under Nebraska law, it is illegal for anyone 19 or older to have sex with anyone 15 or younger.


Boston “Man” Nabbed for Stealing Millions from PPP Program

Reader Tom sent me a story from Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse about how Elijah Majak Buoi has been busy amassing millions of dollars meant to help small businesses survive the Chinese virus crisis.

The Conservative Treehouse story is here.  And the press release from the US Justice Department is here.

There is lots of coverage of the “man” who I am guessing is a ‘new American’ from Africa (Sudan maybe?), but I was searching for a story that might have a photo and found this one at Universal Hub:

Area man charged with $2 million in coronavirus loan fraud

Federal prosecutors today charged a Winchester man with wire fraud for his four applications for federal loans aimed at helping small businesses continue to make payroll despite losses related to Covid-19, alleging he made up employee numbers and that the few employees he does have are all based in India.

According to a federal complaint unsealed today, Elijah Majak Buoi of Winchester was rejected for three of his applications for Paycheck Protection Program loans – which can be converted to grants – but was granted $2 million on the fourth, despite giving different employee and payroll numbers on the applications.

In addition to having Buoi arrested today, the US Attorney’s office is asking a judge to freeze his bank accounts so he cannot transfer the money he received out of the country. At his arraignment, a federal magistrate judge in Worcester set cash bail of $15,000.


The affidavit*** states that Buoi first filed a PPP application with Bank of America in April for $7.5 million, based on the 353 employees he said he had, all allegedly in Massachusetts. After the bank rejected his request, he tried again with three other lenders, asking each for $2 million, with his employee count on applications ranging from 18 to 96 employees.

The first two lenders also rejected his requests, but the final one, to which he claimed he had 96 US employees, approved his request and he had $2 million deposited in his Bank of America checking account earlier this month.

According to the affidavit, Buoi’s LinkedIn page says he has just five employees, and all are in India, making them ineligible for PPP coverage.


According to the affidavit, Buoi transferred some $1.2 million of the PPP payment from one Bank of America account to another and has withdrawn $27,000 of it – $20,000 in a wire transfer to India.

More here.

The US government was able to get most of our money back.

***Affidavit is attached to the article.

Candace Owens Asks: What Does Black America Want?

“Do we want to be able to point to the white boogeyman?”

This is required watching today!

I heard Ms. Owens speak in person in 2018 and she is a remarkable woman.

Here she is yesterday in a 17 minute video on the Candace Owens Show at Prager University.  Hat tip: Paul

She says what most of you are thinking, but can’t say!

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Changing the subject (a little).

Just now when I went to Merriam Webster to confirm the spelling of ‘boogeyman,’ I was stunned to see this sentence example given for the use of the word.

Are on-line dictionaries fueling the left’s narrative?  It seems so.

Here is a screenshot! Far-right fringe groups!

The link sends readers to a story on conspiracy theories surrounding the death of George Floyd. The article’s author and Merriam Webster want to be sure readers get the message that Soros has had nothing to do with the recent anti-police protest riots.

Recent Examples on the Web?  WTH! Now just for fun, search “boogeyman” on the web and see if the Soros reference even comes up.