Afghan Invasion of America is Underway!

Editor: The applicant pipeline could be as high as 100,000 and the only hang up is getting all those Muslims cleared with security screening because just one terrorist, murderer or rapist in the bunch won’t sit well with the American people!


If you are a regular reader you know that good ol’ Joe is going to bring in ‘new Americans’ by the tens of thousands from Afghanistan, and you know how I feel about it!

Charter Flights Getting Ready to Fly Thousands of Afghans to American Cities

Greenfield at Frontpage: Saving Afghan Interpreters is a Scam

One of my pet peeves with the corporate media on the issue is that almost all of them have failed to mention the fact that we are already above the 70,000 mark as Biden/Harris  push forward with their plan.  The media would have you believe that they have just begun the Afghan airlift when in fact it has been going on for over a decade already.

Well, here is a publication that mentions that fact.

From the Democrat Gazette of Northwest Arkansas:

Afghan helpers reach U.S. on first flight out; interpreters, guides to start new lives

WASHINGTON — The first group of Afghans promised refuge by the Biden administration for helping the U.S. during the 20-year war in Afghanistan landed on American soil early Friday, starting a new chapter after years of waiting.

Lutheran refugee resettlement contractor Krish O’Mara Vignarajah says we must get them to the US pronto because the Dems need more voters!

A chartered airliner carrying Afghan interpreters, drivers and others who worked with the U.S. military, as well as their family members, arrived at Dulles International Airport outside Washington after traveling more than 30 hours from Kabul, the Afghan capital, officials said.

The first evacuation flight carried 221 Afghans under the special visa program, including 57 children and 15 infants, according to an internal U.S. government document obtained by The Associated Press.


From Dulles, they were bused to Fort Lee, Va., south of Richmond, where they will stay at a hotel on the base for about a week to complete their processing before being resettled in the U.S. permanently, officials said.


The arrival marked the vanguard of an initial group of about 2,500 Afghans being evacuated under threat of Taliban reprisals in an effort the White House calls Operation Allies Refuge. Groups of Afghans will arrive by plane roughly every three days and be transported to Fort Lee, said one U.S. official briefed on the arrangements.

The newly arrived Afghan people will join 70,000 others who have resettled in the U.S. since 2008 under the special visa program.


About 20,000 Afghans had applied for the special immigrant visa as of July 15, according to the White House.That number does not include family members; a U.S. government official said the total number of people in the applicant pipeline including family members could be as high as 100,000.


But a refugee agency said the Biden administration appeared to be still scrambling to work out the resettlement of thousands more of the Afghans, and it urged Biden to bring them quickly to the U.S. or a U.S. territory, such as Guam.

“To date, there is simply no clear plan as to how the vast majority of our allies will be brought to safety,” Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service resettlement agency, said of the Afghan interpreters.

“We cannot in good conscience put them at risk in third countries with unreliable human-rights records, or where the Taliban may be able to reach them,” the resettlement official said.

There is more!


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3 thoughts on “Afghan Invasion of America is Underway!

  1. >Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service …

    From Wikipedia: [Krishanti O’Mara Vignarajah … is … an immigration advocate serving as President and CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. Previously, Vignarajah served as Policy Director to former First Lady Michelle Obama. … She and her brother … arrived in the United States as young children when their parents fled civil war in Sri Lanka.]

    (Seems to be a different kind of ‘pipeline’ at work here — and why does the spouse of a president need a ‘policy director’?)

    > “… our allies will be brought to safety,” … “We cannot in good conscience …”

    I see, ‘our’ and ‘we’ — she isn’t white, wasn’t born in America, yet is playing a role in determining America’s racial/demographic future — how many Whites are playing a similar role in Sri Lanka? — sounds like an absurd question, right? — this is because it’s practically unimaginable that a White would play such a role in a non-white country — non-whites simply wouldn’t allow a racial alien to determine the racial future of their country.

    Again, this is something you see often today: non-white immigrants who came to America (why didn’t her parents go to e.g. Zambia?), a country that still had a white super majority at the time (80+%), and are *now working to make America less white* — it’s like it never occurs to them that what made America (and makes Europe) an attractive destination is the fact it was a white country.

    Not quite as bad as Canada, where the previous ‘Minister of Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship’ was a Somali, but still gets the blood boiling.

  2. I hope everyone has an opportunity to read ‘H.R. 3237 – Emergency Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021’. It is chocked full of goodie$ in regards to ‘events’ at the Capital January 6, 2021, the Police State, coronavirus, and under Title IV, General Provisions of this LAW – – ‘Extension And Modification Of The Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program’, [and as per usual …”and for other purposes”]. See the link below.

    Although there has been an extension issued for the tens of thousands of Americans about to be evicted (sooner than later), there wasn’t anything I read to assist Americans and our Emergency Security.

  3. Islam conquers target nations with their migration. If you do not believe this, look at the EU. They have enough migrant invaders in Germany, (thanks to Marxist Merkel) to start taking over now. Europe will be a Moslem stronghold within 50 years.

    And here in America, we invite them in like they are long lost family members through our refugee and immigration policies. We are killing ourselves with these programs.

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