Michigan: Unaccompanied Alien Children Run Away from Foster Care

This story is published presumably to get the word out for people to report the missing Guatemalan children, but I wondered how many more of the ‘asylum seekers’ split and disappear into ethnic ‘communities’ in America.

From Michigan Live:

Unaccompanied minors seeking asylum run away from Holland foster home

HOLLAND, MI – Police are looking for a brother and sister who entered the U.S as unaccompanied minors and have run away from their foster home in Holland.

The 16-year-old (if he is 16!) if found should be denied asylum on the grounds that he is too dumb to be allowed to stay. He is endangering his sister (if she is his sister) and is wasting police manpower as the search is conducted.

Juan Emerson Garcia-Yax, 16, and his sister, Emelyn Garcia-Yax, 8 ran away from their foster home on East 25th Street late Sunday, May 31, or early the next morning.

They are originally from Guatemala. They entered the U.S. in March as unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. The Office of Refugee Resettlement placed them in foster care during the legal process.

“Juan left a note for the foster parents expressing his gratitude for everything they had done for them but indicated that they needed to leave to take care of ‘personal matters,’ Holland police Capt. Robert Buursma said in a statement.

Police said no vehicles are missing from the home. Police contacted bus companies and Amtrak but could not find the children. They have a relative in the state of New York but he has not heard from the children, police said.

Police have not determined where the children could be going or what transportation they may have.

My guess is that he isn’t dumb at all, but was supposed to deliver the girl to someone (a human trafficker?) and he messed up.  If anyone sees an update, let me know!


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One thought on “Michigan: Unaccompanied Alien Children Run Away from Foster Care

  1. First and foremost the authorities have to look upon them as juveniles, whether they really are or not. All investigative avenues must be explored.

    My instincts tell me there are close relatives of these kids, perhaps a parent or two, living in America. If they do, the children went to join them.

    If the note left by the children appears to have been hand written by them and not some generic one, I’d look to see how they were communicating. Did they have a cell phone, a computer with social messaging services etc…

    A forensic review of such devices would probably disclose leads as to where and how they left and where they are headed.

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