Canada: Muslim Doctor Brutally Murders Wife who Wanted Divorce

Screenshot (38)Sick, sick, sick!

And, CAIR would surely call me an “Islamophobe” for even reporting this news.

The evil creep killed her while the kids slept and had the nerve to tell the court that he should have killed himself—then why the hell didn’t he!

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Michigan: Canadian Muslim Sentenced to Life for Attempting to Kill Police Officer


“Do I regret what I did? Never. If I had to do it one more time, I would do it. I regret I didn’t kill that cop.”

Amor Ftouhi
Amor Ftouhi

He is really a Tunisian, but all the earlier reports I read kept referring to him as a Canadian.

He was living in Canada legally and is therefore obviously one of their great diversity picks!

Now American taxpayers get to pay for his incarceration for life and you can bet he is going to be a demanding prisoner when it comes to his religious ‘requirements’!

I didn’t get around to this story last week, but I expect most of you didn’t see it anyway, although much to my surprise this is a Reuters story posted by NBC. What is going on at NBC, they have had some pretty useful stories of late!

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It is Election Year in Canada and Trudeau Wants More Power to Reject Asylum Seekers

What that means is that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is between a rock and a hard place as he has an immigration problem at his southern border!

Screenshot (919)
Remember when the virtue-signally Trudeau tweeted his pointed message to Donald Trump in January 2017!

As tens of thousands of wannabe refugees go across the US border between points of entry and into Canada, anti-immigrant political hardliners are making the issue a critical one in the upcoming October national election.

Presently, a treaty with the US allows Canadian immigration authorities to turn back asylum seekers to a safe US at points of entry only, but not in between points of entry.

Canada wants to change the treaty in order to turn them all back, but that is tricky for Trudeau who has put out the welcome mat to the world for the first 3 years of his administration.

“…..the government’s proposed changes to the deal would clash with Canada’s image as a country that welcomes asylum seekers.”


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New American rips off Medicaid, Planned to Escape to Russia, but Feds Nabbed Him

Our law enforcement caught up with him in Canada!

Ramil Mansourov
Dr. Mansourov had gotten as far as Canada and had purchased a plane ticket to Moscow. (From Russia to America with love!)


This must be Medicaid Monday at Frauds and Crooks! (See my post earlier today!).

Is the word out all over the world—-get to America and steal from Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and more!

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Now Mexicans and Others are Coming in Across our Northern Border; it was Just a Matter of Time

Trudeau diversity heart


I told you recently that it’s election year in Canada and if Trudeau is reelected it is only going to get worse for us as he has put out a Canadian welcome mat to the world.

Did you know that Mexicans and Romanians can go to Canada without even a visa! So guess where they are going once in Canada!

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Canada: Fraud Allegations could Jeopardize Trudeau’s Re-election Bid

In January the BBC outlined three issues (immigration is one issue!) that could cause Canadians to rethink their support for the progressive boy wonder.

But, here comes a fourth that has become fodder for the conservative opposition as Canadians vote later this year for a prime minister.


Scheer and Trudeau
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer (left) has called on Trudeau to resign!
The scandal involves big money, bribery charges, the resignation of top aides and Libya.

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Two Canadian ISIS Brides Followed Sharia

Okay, okay, that is not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that CNN is reporting it and using the word “sharia.”  

If Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, or Frank Gaffney uttered the following words, cries of “Islamophobia” would be screamed from the roof tops by the likes of Linda Sarsour!

Ben Wedeman, in a CNN story this morning, reports of his interviews with two Canadian women who followed their men to Syria because of Islamic law.


Women of the Caliphate
Women of the caliphate speak!

Canadian women emerge from ISIS’s crumbling caliphate

The first woman quoted is Dura Ahmed, 28, originally from Toronto, Canada:

“Did you hear about the slaughter of Yezidis, of Yezidi women being enslaved?” I asked.

“When I came here, I heard. I haven’t seen one, but…” Her answer trailed off with a nervous laugh. “Well, having slaves is part of Sharia,” she finally ventured. “I believe in Sharia, wherever Sharia is. We must follow whoever is implementing the way, the law.”


The second woman is a 34-year-old from Alberta, Canada:

She, too, came to Syria at her husband’s bidding.

“He’s like, ‘it’s obligatory for you to come here. You have no choice, and as your husband I’m telling you to come here.’ And as a Muslim wife you have to obey, even though it was really hard for me to do it.” She takes a deep sigh. “I had to.”

Like Dura, she claims she knew nothing about ISIS or Syria before she made the journey here.

Not that it matters, but the woman from Alberta’s first husband (the one who insisted she come to Syria) was killed in the fighting and then she took another husband who also was killed in the fighting.

Read it all here.  Will Canada be welcoming home its wayward women?

I shouldn’t get too excited that there could be a few truths sneaking into reports from the likes of CNN!

question markIf you see more bits of news that might indicate a diversion from the Leftwing orthodoxy on Islam, immigration, etc. would you send a link my way?  Let me know if you hear the word “sharia” on Fox News or any cable news network!