“Minneapolis man” Charged in Sexual Assault Case

The Minneapolis man is a Somali ‘new American’*** who requested an interpreter for his court date indicating that he is a relatively new refugee.

The story (published last week) reports on some news that is a few months old, so this might not be the first time you are learning about it.

From Alpha News (which posts a warning about content):

Minneapolis Man Charged with Sexual Assault of 14-Year-Old He Met Online


WARNING: This report contains graphic details that may be upsetting to some

A north Minneapolis man is accused of strangling and threatening to stab a 14-year-old girl and punching her in the face several times before sexually assaulting her in April, according to a Hennepin County criminal complaint.

Abdifetah Ali Kalif, 18

The incident reportedly happened after 8 p.m. on April 21, 2019, after the victim said she was picked up at a friend’s house in south Minneapolis by a male she met online and another individual who was driving the vehicle.

The man, later identified as Abdifetah Ali Kalif, 18, climbed into the back seat after the vehicle drove away and began pulling away the clothing of the girl who said that Kalif grabbed her by the throat and pulled out a knife and threatened to stab her.

The girl said she became afraid and thought she was going to die so she stopped fighting back. The girl said that when Kalif was not able to achieve sexual penetration he became angry and punched her several times in the face and then forced her to perform oral sex on him. She said that they drove in the area of northeast Minneapolis before the driver brought her back to her friend’s apartment, the complaint said.  [What is wrong with these dumb girls thinking that African immigrants they meet on-line are going to treat them well?—ed]

Deep trouble for Kalif! Looks like he admitted guilt.

Kalif was arrested on June 25 and in a post-Miranda statement to law enforcement admitted that he’d picked up the victim and that he hit her because she “wasted his time and lied to him,” the complaint said. Kalif acknowledged that the victim tried to get out of the car, so he locked the doors and hit her. Police showed Kalif a picture of the girl with the injures she reported from the assault, and he acknowledged that she was the girl he hit but denied causing her injuries. Kalif also stated that he did not initially meet the girl to have sex, but that he did tell her to give him oral sex, and that after he “smacked” her and she complied.


Kalif, who’s address is listed in the complaint as a Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) residence on the 1500 block of Girard Avenue North, had a motion hearing last week and was again ordered conditionally released by Judge Nicole A. Engisch. Kalif is not currently listed in custody in Hennepin County and is scheduled to appear at another motion hearing on Oct. 15.

How much do you want to bet the “Minneapolis man” disappears before October 15th!

Minneapolis police sure are kept busy by their refugee residents!

Also from Alpha News:

Juveniles described as Somali teens crash stolen car



Just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday, police were dispatched to a report of a crash near Peavey Park in south Minneapolis.

Recorded dispatch audio from the incident indicated that the vehicle had previously been reported as stolen and that a witness had seen the driver of the vehicle flee from the scene of the crash, described as a Somali male teen, age 14-15in a blue hoodie and green and black striped pants. Police located the crashed vehicle in a driveway near the pool at Peavey Park near the intersection of East 22nd Street and Chicago Avenue South.

A Minneapolis Crime Watch Facebook page also posted that police were setting up setting up a perimeter in the area to search for the suspects who fled from the vehicle.

Another portion of dispatch audio captured the search for the suspects and the eventual apprehension of the alleged driver of the vehicle and possibly two others who were involved. The driver was positively identified by a witness, according to the audio.

Auto thefts are up in Minneapolis….

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) said that auto thefts are up in Minneapolis by 22 percent over last year, according to a report earlier this month. The MPD’s Crime Data Dashboard shows a total of 1720 vehicle thefts through Aug. 23 of this year, with 555 of those occurring in the 3rd Precinct, where Wednesday’s crash occurred. The precinct had 368 vehicle thefts over the same period last year, according to the Dashboard, which indicates over a 50 percent increase in vehicle thefts for that precinct over last year.

Those apprehended are juveniles, so this is likely the first and last report you will see on the case.

***Just so you know, most Somalis in the US came here through the US Refugee Admissions Program.

“Minnesota Man” Found Dead in Small Maine Town

The Minnesota man is a Somali presumably bringing cultural enrichment to rural Maine.

Over the years I’ve noticed the nexus between Minnesota and Maine as the Somali refugees migrate back and forth between two large Somali ‘communities.’

Remember this 2014 story from RRW. It is just one example of many about the Minnesota/Maine linkage.

Thanks to reader Frank for sending the story:


Police identify body found in Leeds, death now considered suspicious

LEEDS, Maine —
The death of a man whose body was found along the side of the road in Leeds is now considered suspicious, according to Maine State Police.

Nadi Hagi-Mohamed, 31, of Minnesota, was identified by fingerprints and by a family member in Maine, police said.

Leeds Maine
Population 2, 324

A couple on their ATV found the man’s body along Bernie Hartford Road around 5 p.m. Saturday.

Hagi-Mohamed had recently relocated to the Lewiston-Auburn*** area from Minnesota, where he was arrested on cocaine charges in July. Detectives are now interviewing anyone who had contact with Hagi-Mohamed in the past few weeks, state police said.

An autopsy was completed Sunday by the state medical examiner, but the cause of death has not been released.

*** Learn more about how Somalis populated Lewiston, here at RRW!  It was the welfare magnet that initially brought them up from Atlanta.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Described as Homewrecker for Affair with Democrat Strategist

Such a quality person Minnesota sent to Washington!

And, what an example she is setting for the first Somali in Congress!

As if her marital situation(s) aren’t already complex enough, the news that Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (see all of my previous posts) has been carrying on an affair with a man she employs has made the mainstream news after months of speculation.

What helped the rumor mill get confirmation of the tryst were the divorce papers filed by the jilted wife of Democrat consultant Tim Mynett.

Screenshot (1086).png
Question: Is Tim Mynett a Muslim, if not will he convert?


Here Fox News gives us the bare bones story,

DC consultant’s alleged affair with Ilhan Omar is front and center in divorce papers


The wife of a prominent Washington political consultant has filed for divorce, claiming her husband made a “devastating and shocking” revelation that he was having an affair with freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.

Beth Mynett, 55, submitted divorce papers in Washington, D.C., Superior Court on Tuesday, saying her husband, Tim Mynett, 38, informed her earlier this year that he was having an affair with Omar.

“The parties physically separated on or about April 7, 2019, when Defendant told Plaintiff that he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar, who serves as a U.S. representative from Minnesota,” read the filing, obtained by Fox News.

The filing continued: “Although devastated by the betrayal and deceit that preceded his abrupt declaration, Plaintiff told Defendant that she loved him and was willing to fight for the marriage. Defendant, however, told her that was not an option for him.”

The couple lived together for six years before getting married in 2012. They have a 13-year-old son.

“It is clear to Plaintiff that her marriage to Defendant is over and that there is no hope of reconciliation,” the filing stated.

The news of the divorce filing, first seen in the New York Post, comes just over a month after it was reported that Omar had separated from her husband and father of her three children, Ahmed Hirsi, and moved into a luxury penthouse in Minneapolis.

Omar’s campaign has paid Tim Mynett’s E. Street group around $230,000 for fundraising consulting, digital communications, Internet advertising and travel expenses since 2018, records showed. The 37-year-old congresswoman was spotted back in March with Mynett at a California restaurant.

International attention! There are more details in this report at Globe Intel:

Beth Jordan Accuses Ilhan Omar of Stealing her Husband


Happier times (before Ilhan came along)!

Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett is an American physician and the Medical Director of the DC Department of Corrections.

She is the former wife of Tim Mynett – a political consultant who she has accused of being in a relationship with Somali-born US representative, Ilhan Omar.


She has a 20 years experience as a Clinician and Administrator, including in both urgent care and emergency room treatment and previously served as the Medical Director for the National Association for Reproductive Health. She is recognized as an expert in Women’s Reproductive Rights. In 2013 she joined the DC Department of Corrections as the agency’s new Medical Director.


Beth filed for divorce from her husband and is seeking custody of their 13-year-old son, child support, full control of their DC home and legal fees to be paid.She also argued in court documents that she doesn’t trust her estranged husband’s judgment with their son — in part because of his relationship with Omar.

“By way of example, days prior to Defendant’s devastating and shocking declaration of love for Rep. Omar and admission of their affair, he and Rep. Omar took the parties’ son to dinner in order to formally meet for the first time at the family’s favorite neighborhood restaurant while Plaintiff was out of town. Rep. Omar gave the parties’ son a gift and the Defendant later brought her back inside the family’s home.”

In the court documents, she also added that the most concerning thing about the jaunt was her hubby’s decision to “put his son in harm’s way” by taking him out in public with Omar, “who at that time garnered a plethora of media attention along with death threats.”

Let me say (with all sincerity) thank you Minnesota for sending Ilhan Omar to Washington as the first Somali to represent the Somali refugee community for the entire nation to see!

I’m wondering if her good friends at CAIR have anything to say?

This post is filed in my Politicians as frauds’ category.

Minnesota Arrest Made in Knife Murder of Somali Man

When one ‘new American’ kills another ‘new American’ it is probably a yawner for some of you, but alas you got to pay for these Somali refugees’ upbringings and now you get to pay for trials and incarcerations.

In this case, the alleged killer should have been deported after his first prison term.

From Alpha News (hat tip:Terry),

Suspect in West River Parkway Murder Charged


A man was stabbed fourteen times so violently last week that the knife blade broken off from the handle was found lying next to his body when responders found him.

Abdirahman Osman Yusuf charged in murder of a fellow Somali refugee


Recorded police dispatch audio captured the moments after police on patrol in the area found the unresponsive victim under the Third Avenue bridge at the river’s edge of downtown Minneapolis and attempted to give him CPR before pronouncing him deceased at the scene.

Over a week later, Abdirahman Osman Yusuf, 25, has now been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the case.

The victim was identified last week as Burka Osman Mohammed, 21, of Minneapolis.

According to the criminal complaint, Mohammed was seen on downtown Minneapolis cameras earlier that night with a group of other men. One of the men was later arrested and told police that the group had been down by the river when Yusuf got aggressive and started stabbing Mohammed. The witness said he ran away, but that Yusuf later called him and threatened him and told him not to say anything about the stabbing.

After being arrested, Yusuf admitted to stabbing Mohammed, but claimed he stabbed him two or three times and said he didn’t know that Mohammed had died until he saw reports the next day, the complaint said.

Yusuf has a prior conviction on two counts of aid/abet first-degree aggravated robbery for which he originally received a stayed sentence in Feb. 2015. Following several probation violations, the 58-month sentence was executed in Nov. 2016.

Yusuf was released from prison last October and has been on supervised probation since then. [Oh joy! Not deported so now taxpayers will pay for his incarceration for decades!—-ed]

What is it about being stabbed 14 times? 

Is there something special in Islam about stabbing 14 times? Is it some sort of gang initiation?

Evenson stabbed 14 times!

There was another stabbing in Minneapolis that I don’t believe was ever solved.  It was the case of Morgan Evenson who was walking home from her job in a Minneapolis neighborhood in 2017.

She was stabbed 14 times, but did survive the attack many believed at the time was perpetrated by a Somali man.

That story is here.   Leo Hohmann gave us more details here.

Does anyone have an update on her case? Was her attacker ever found and brought to justice?

Amazon Workers' Strike is a Kind of Poetic Justice

Surely you’ve heard that, as Amazon launches its Prime Day sales, disgruntled warehouse workers in places like Minnesota, where large numbers of Somalis are employed, have organized a strike.

Bezos’ Somali workforce is not happy….

Remember readers that it isn’t just the ‘humanitarians’ pushing for Open Borders and more migration but it is BIG businesses, like Amazon owned by uber-wealthy Leftists  like Jeff Bezos  (who also owns the Washington Post), who are hurting American workers by driving the more-immigration debate.
Just so you know who is supporting those strikes, here is a bit from an opinion piece at NBC News:

“Their campaign has been boosted by politicians — including Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., a Somali American and the first Muslim woman in Congress, as well as Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. — who see Amazon’s empire as emblematic of the country’s abysmal inequality. But the Shakopee workers draw most of their support from the grassroots, organizing with the immigrant advocacy group Awood Center with support from theMinnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Service Employees International Union.”

If you haven’t gotten enthused about the 2020 Elections, its time you do because imagine if any of this bunch comes into control of the White House.
And, by the way, the more they squabble among themselves on the political Left the better!  So help them squabble whenever and wherever you can!