African Teen Charged in Death of Maine Man Wants Special Favors

This is an update of a story we have followed from its outset when a gang of African ‘new American’ teens attacked some white Lewiston, Maine residents at a local park in June 2018.

Donald G. Giusti

The gang attack resulted in the death of Don Giusti.  It took months for authorities, who viewed videos of the fight, to determine just which local immigrant teens were responsible and who exactly threw the projectile that resulted in Giusti’s death.

Now we see that Emmanuel Nkurunziza, who has been charged, is free to go to school and now wants his ankle monitor removed, that despite the fact that he has on several occasions failed to show up for meetings with his court-designated supervisor.

From the Sun Journal:

(h/t: Frank)

Bail in question for teen charged in Lewiston slaying

AUBURN — Prosecutors are seeking to have bail revoked for a former Lewiston man charged with manslaughter in the 2018 death of 38-year-old Donald Giusti near Kennedy Park in Lewiston.

My guess is that Emmanuel Nkurunziza, 18, is a flight risk. No ethnicity is reported, but he is very likely from a refugee family placed in Maine in recent years and may have family members still in Africa.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Emmanuel Nkurunziza, 18, of Biddeford are hoping to persuade a judge that his bail conditions are too restrictive and should be loosened.

A bail hearing is scheduled for next week in Augusta.

While awaiting trial, Nkurunziza was allowed by a judge to move from Lewiston to Biddeford to live with his parents and attend the public school there. He was ordered in September to wear an electronic ankle bracelet monitor and be supervised by Maine Pretrial Services.

According to court papers, a case manager for that organization wrote that Nkurunziza had failed to report to his supervisor’s office three times since September, most recently on Jan. 7.The terms of his agreement dictate that he report to his supervisor’s office every Tuesday between 3:20 and 3:45 p.m. or as directed.

Last month, he emailed his supervisor roughly an hour after he was due to report to her office to tell her he had forgotten to check in at the designated time and asked whether he could check in the next day instead, a case manager wrote in an affidavit. According to that document, Nkurunziza also had failed to report to his supervisor on Nov. 26, and Oct. 9 last year.

Cry me a river!

Nkurunziza filed a motion seeking to allow him more flexibility in coordinating his reporting to his supervisor with his school schedule.

He also is hoping that the judge will lift the electronic monitoring requirement to better accommodate Nkurunziza’s school schedule that makes it difficult to keep the device charged. The conspicuous device also has made it difficult for him to apply for jobs, his lawyers have argued.  [Imagine that!—ed]

Much more. Read it all.

Lewiston, Maine has been embroiled in controversy ever since the Somali migration to Maine (generous welfare!) began almost two decades ago.  I have a large archive on the city at RRW.


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Book Release: American Ingrate by Ben Weingarten

There couldn’t be a more appropriately titled or timely book than this one about Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party.

I couldn’t decide which of my blogs is the more appropriate place to post this exciting news, but settled on ‘Frauds and Crooks’ although Omar is one of the more than 100,000 Somalis admitted to the US by past administrations including not just Democrat Obama, but by the Republican George W. Bush administration which admitted them by the tens of thousand as well.

Here is what author Ben Weingarten said about his book in an announcement yesterday (I’ve order my copy!):


…. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone who has helped make this book a reality, including my loving family, friends, the team at Bombardier/Post Hill Press, Andy McCarthy who kindly wrote the Foreword, Victor Davis Hanson, Dennis Prager, Newt Gingrich, Scott Johnson, Lee Smith, and Caroline Glick who kindly wrote blurbs for it, and many of you who played roles large and small in helping bring it to fruition.

American Ingrate is as serious and substantive as it is provocative and politically potent.

Author Weingarten.

It has been made ever more relevant in the run-up to release as its thesis is being borne out in real time in Bernie Sanders’ rise to the top of the Democratic presidential field–with Sanders having recently named Rep. Omar his campaign co-chair in the pivotal 2020 state of Minnesota–and mounting evidence of Omar’s alleged marriage fraud and associated raft of crimes.

Among other things, this heavily researched work:

~Makes the definitive case that as President Trump has argued, Rep. Omar is the face of the Democratic Party, while delving deeply into her unexplored background, unchallenged beliefs, and under-appreciated effort in leading her party to advance a fundamentally subversive, intersectional- and identity politics-based agenda geared towards destroying our core institutions under the guise of “social justice;”

~Sets forth the argument that she not only personifies but leads the unholy progressive-Islamist alliance–held together by the glue of Jew-hatred as a proxy for hatred of Judeo-Christian Western civilization–that truly has triumphed over the Democratic establishment; and

~Builds the as yet ignored case for her collusion with corrupt and anti-American actors and regimes foreign and domestic–on top of credible allegations of criminality and corruption, including previously unreported details pointing to her fraudulence.

Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!  Order at Amazon.

See my Rep. Ilhan Omar archives here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ and at Refugee Resettlement Watch don’t miss this post from 2016.

Ohio Somalis Charged in $10 Million Food Stamp Fraud Bust

Editor:  Sorry to readers who posted comments in the last couple of days, I took a break and never did see your comments until this morning.  They are posted now.

For readers who knew Phil Haney, see my post at RRW today.


(On illegally trading food stamp benefits for cash) “They get food stamps, but they can’t buy a lot of things with food stamps.”

(Yahya Mohammed)


I haven’t seen a substantial food stamp fraud bust in awhile.  Glad to see that the feds are still going after the ‘new American’ entrepreneurs Michael Bloomberg is always touting.

Somalis in Columbus, Ohio this time.

From NBC4:

Feds charge Columbus market owners with food stamp fraud totaling more than $10 million

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The former owners of a Somali specialty market have been charged with food stamp fraud.

A federal grand jury has charged Hassan and Abdurahim Nuriso, former owners of Towfiq Market on Sullivant Avenue, with conspiring fraudulently to redeem more than $10 million in SNAP and WIC benefits between 2010 and 2019.

“It’s very clear in all the regulations what you can and can’t do,” said Asst. U.S. Attorney David Bosley. “You can’t give food stamps for cash, you can’t buy items that are not allowed under the food stamp program, you can’t buy things that aren’t food, and you can’t give credit.”

As part of the alleged conspiracy, the Nuriso brothers are accused of converting illegally obtained food stamp benefits, WIC coupons, and WIC electronic benefits into money, in order to use the money for other purposes.

The five-count indictment also alleges the Nuriso’s allowed SNAP and WIC beneficiaries to purchase items that were not redeemable through the food stamp or WIC programs.

This is hilarious! So the SNAP benefit card is just like a bank card?

Yahya Mohammed owns a barbershop in the same west side plaza. He says Abdurahim Noriso was well-intentioned.

“I know it’s wrong, but he’s really just helping his community out,” Mohammed said. “People are just trying to survive. They get food stamps, but they can’t buy a lot of things with food stamps.”

More here.

If you followed this case to its conclusion, I assure you the pair will get very little prison time, maybe will be ordered to pay some of the money back to the taxpayers, but will never be deported.

I’ve followed food stamp fraud stories for over ten years, first at Refugee Resettlement Watch and now here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’  The number of busts seem to have slowed. Maybe some ‘new American’ wannabe fraudsters are getting the message. Who knows.

Where Was Amy Klobuchar That Day?

In March of 2009 I went Washington for a Senate Homeland Security hearing.

The subject was Somali Islamic radicalization in Minnesota.  

The committee was hearing from Robert Mueller’s FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center, and from two men, Minnesota Somalis who feared for the future of young Somalis being lured back to Africa by al-Shabaab which ultimately joined with al Qaeda to become a powerful terror network.

Birds of a feather! Presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Tammy Baldwin, and Rep. Ilhan Omar having a laugh.


Shame on our terrorism ‘experts.’

They downplayed the disappearance of at least twenty young Somali youths even as Osman Ahmed and Abdirahman Mukhtar had traveled to Washington (putting themselves in danger at home) to try to alert the committee and America to the radicalization going on in mosques in the state Senator Amy Klobuchar represents.

Normally when constituents testify on the Hill a Member of Congress or Senator from the state the constituents are from at least stops in at the hearing.

Senator Amy Klobuchar never showed her face that day.  Why?

A year ago this month I told readers here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ about the Senator’s absence.

LOL! The Fox story came ten years after that hearing and twelve years after the Somali youths began leaving the US to get training as jihadists!


Fox News Attempts to Explain why Minneapolis Somalis became Jihadists


Okay, okay, I’m at least thankful that a national cable news outlet is finally getting around to the US Somali refugee radicalization problem that has been going on for at least twelve years, but I want to scream about how long it takes for the national media to catch up with serious issues like this one.

And, I guess we should be thankful that Ilhan Omar was elected to Congress, because her words and actions have become a focal point (a news hook) for stories like this one.

I honestly think she does us a great service by being in Congress—let her keep talking!

I can’t and won’t write a book here, but everyone should take time to read the Fox story, and to read about my trip to Washington in 2009 when I attended a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on the radicalization of Minnesota Somalis.

You will see that the FBI brushed off the idea of any Islamic connection and spokesmen testifying were fixated on their main point—the poor disenfranchised refugee “youths” were going back to defend Somalia from Ethiopian aggression (Move along, nothing to see about a broader reason for jihad recruitment).

Who headed the FBI in 2009?  Robert Mueller.

And, by the way, Senator Amy Klobuchar never set foot into that hearing room that day even though she had constituents testifying!

Not a surprise that Klobuchar wants nothing to do with any suggestion that her Somali voters could be terrorists or have a radical agenda. 

Watch her pander!


More of my post here.

Do we really want Amy anywhere near the White House?

This post is filed in my Politicians as frauds category.

Lewiston: African Involved with Death of Maine Man Sentenced to 7 DAYS

Oh brother, no wonder people get so steamed about our ‘new Americans!’

This is an update of a story we followed here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ but could also have been posted at RRW because some of those involved in the beating death of Donald Giusti are Somali refugees.

Readers who are not also reading RRW should see a recent post on Lewiston here.

I reported the arrest of one of those involved in the gang of rampaging ‘youths’ here in April.

Now this….

From the Press Herald (h/t: Frank):

Lewiston man sentenced to 7 days in jail for role in Donald Giusti’s death

AUBURN — A Lewiston man involved with the 2018 melee near Kennedy Park that left a man dead was sentenced Monday in Androscoggin County Superior Court to seven days in jail and a $300 fine.

No mention of where he is from or how he came to be living in Lewiston.

Pierre Musafiri, 23, was facing a misdemeanor assault charge for kicking Donald Giusti while he lay badly injured on Knox Street after a confrontation between two groups near Kennedy Park on June 12, 2018.

Several members of Giusti’s family sat near the back of the courtroom and watched as Musafiri was sentenced.

Patrick Nickerson, Musafiri’s attorney, told the Giusti family that Musafiri expressed that “he is sorry for what he did, that what he did was a mistake and that he can’t take it back.”

“He told me to express his sorrow for what happened and that he takes responsibility for his conduct,” Nickerson said.

After the sentencing, Musafiri immediately was taken into custody.

Now here is the most important line at the end of the story:

Comments are not available on this story.

Gee, I wonder why?  They don’t want to hear Mainers unload?