Did 80 Million Americans Elect this Man President of the United States?

Did they choose this man to be the leader of the free world? Is he the man they want to go up against China, Russia and Iran?

This man?

This man?

It defies logic and we all know it!

For those of us struggling with confusion about what we are witnessing, I believe it is now clear!   We are witnessing a coup d’etat, an overthrow of our duly elected government, albeit a mostly quiet one so far.

It is time for us to throw off the yoke of normalcy bias which says everything will work out, we will be fine, America has always been fine (except for that thing called the Civil War), the Commies are not coming, so go back to coping with the Chinese virus and being angry at Fox News, Twitter and Facebook (that will keep everyone busy!).

By the way, normalcy bias kept hundreds from seeking Titanic life boats, and millions from defying Hitler’s destruction of the Jews.

I’m seeing some writers with what I call fanciful (hope I am wrong) theories about how Trump (with Barr) is playing 3D chess, is way ahead of Biden/Harris and the Communists, has encircled them, and is about to pull the trigger on their destruction with the help of the Supreme Court.  I pray that is true.

In the meantime…

One writer who is not stuck in the normalcy bias is my friend well-known filmmaker Laurence Jarvik writing at his blog LaurenceJarvikOnline.

Earlier this year, Jarvik who had lived in Washington DC for 27 years wrote about what he described as the American Kristallnacht near his home.  He saw the future and within months moved from his longtime home in the nation’s capital to a safer state.

Son of a Bitch…Biden Confessed to Rigging the Election — AGAIN.


In Joe Biden’s December 2nd interview with New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman headlined, “Biden Made Sure Trump Is Not Going to Be President for Four More Years,” the Great Pretender boasted:

“I feel like I’ve done something good for the country by making sure that Donald Trump is not going to be President for four more years.”

Interestingly, Biden didn’t say something cliche, like “the People have spoken.”

Or, “the voters have spoken.”

Or, “Americans made sure Donald Trump is not going to be President…”

Which was unusual.

Usually politicians credit the American People–because they are sovereign under the Constitution and they want to enjoy the blessing of their legitimacy.

Instead, Biden shameless took personal credit for what happened on Election Day.

Coming after earlier statements that “I don’t need you to get me elected” because he had “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” it is an obvious giveaway  Biden knows that American voters didn’t choose him–he chose for them.

Strangely, in the same interview, he joked about his getting Attorney General William Barr “in the witness protection program for endorsing me.” 

Keep reading to see what Jarvik believes might be going on. Why is AG Barr acting so strangely, or how about Senate Leader Mitch McConnell?

Then Jarvik wraps with this:

Generally, when someone has told you what he’s going to do,  then done it, and boasted about what he did afterwards–he’s confessed.

Of course, maybe Biden’s remarks were just a gaffe, or series of gaffes.

But as Joe Biden declared in 2012, “understand that in Washington, DC, a gaffe is when you tell the truth.”

As much as I hate clichés, the one that describes best what we must do, is that we must first think outside the box.

Don’t quickly dismiss theories that seem outlandish and don’t label your friends and neighbors as crazies if they have their own theories of what is happening.  They are all just trying to make sense of what they are witnessing.

The bottom line is that we must not let the normalcy bias take hold because WE KNOW something is very very wrong.  

And, we can’t simply flounder around with our theories for too much longer….

We are going to have to soon organize MAGA forces on the local, state and national levels. Maybe that is already being done.

If so, where do we sign up?