Penn State Professor/Uber Driver Charged with Attempted Kidnapping

The ‘new American’ from Ghana, a technology assistant professor, was moonlighting as an Uber driver in the Pittsburgh area where he is accused of attempting to kidnap women in two separate instances on the same day.
richard lomotey
Of course the NBC story on the case, thanks to reader ‘ManxCatRules’ for sending it, doesn’t mention Ghana.
However, once again local news in his home country isn’t so shy about telling us where he is from.  Of course, why he is here and how he came to be living among us is not mentioned.
What! Is ‘professor’ a job Americans won’t do?
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Colorado Pharmacist on the Run after Bilking Medicare/Medicaid out of Nearly $8 Million

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office made former pharmacy owner George Sackey one of its featured fugitives of the week.
George Sackey
I did do some digging about Sackey and although nothing about his immigration status and nationality came up, there are many many Sackey’s originating in Ghana.
Here is a bit about Sackey and his “community” pharmacies at LinkedIn,

Free consulting services to the Colorado African population and the general public as a whole.
My goal is to provide as much help as possible to the underprivileged who otherwise may not be as fortunate and blessed as I’m (sic). It is also a way to give back to the community.

My suspicion is that Sackey is a ‘new American’ entrepreneur who has now apparently skipped the country after cutting off his ankle monitor.
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Ghana Becomes Seventh Country to be Sanctioned by Trump Administration

Screenshot (868)The West African country of Ghana refuses to take back its illegal aliens and criminals that Homeland Security is trying to deport, so it joins six other countries on a list of countries whose nationals will be prohibited from getting certain visas to visit the US for business or pleasure.
Before Trump, only two countries had been sanctioned!
From The Epoch Times (hat tip: TwoLaine):

Ghana Latest Nation Hit With US Visa Sanctions for Non-Compliance

WASHINGTON—The Department of Homeland Security has issued visa sanctions against Ghana for failing to accept their nationals that the United States is trying to deport.
The African nation is the seventh country hit with such sanctions by the Trump administration.

Jacques murder Casey
In 2015, Jean Jacques murdered Casey after he was released from detention because Haiti would not take him back.

In September 2017, Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone were sanctioned, and in July 2018, Burma and Laos were added.
The sanctions most-often involve the suspension of B visas (temporary visitors for business or pleasure) to government officials.
“American citizens have been harmed because foreign governments refuse to take back their citizens. These sanctions will ensure that the problem these countries pose will get no worse as ICE continues its work to remove dangerous criminals from the United States,” then-ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said in September 2017.
After six months, ICE is forced to release illegal immigrants who are in detention and ready for deportation if their country of origin won’t accept them or issue travel documents for them. The six-month deadline is pursuant to a 2001 Supreme Court ruling, Zadvydas vs. Davis.
In 2015, a Haitian man, whom Haiti failed to accept back when the United States tried to deport him, was released after six months and subsequently murdered a 25-year-old Connecticut woman in her home.
Before Trump, only two countries—The Gambia (2016) and Guyana (2001)—were sanctioned for not accepting back their nationals.

More here.
Again, here are the countries that refuse to take back their frauds, crooks and criminals:




Sierra Leone

Burma (we have hundreds of thousands here from Burma now, some are the Rohingya Muslims)



question markHow many of you knew about the Connecticut murder case?  I don’t think I did.  It is cases like that we should be seeing widely reported on cable news and in the big papers, but rarely do!