Trump Administration Stepping-Up Investigations of Citizenship Fraud

patricia corrales
This is it in a nutshell! Trump wants to limit ‘new American’ voters and we want to increase them because they mostly vote for Dems! Duh!

And, Open Borders activists slip-up and reveal their own intentions about why they want so many immigrants in the US.
Hint! It has to do with voting!
That is the news yesterday from Fox News.
On-going citizenship fraud investigations are also something I became aware of and shared with readers at Refugee Resettlement Watch here in February of last year.
In that case, the USCIS was asking Burmese refugees to meet with immigration officers as rumors swirled that an undisclosed number might have gotten in the US having lied about who they are.
Here are some snips from Fox’s report yesterday,

Denaturalization, the process of revoking a person’s American citizenship, has been around for years – but it has rarely been used and the burden of proof set intentionally high. Citizenship can be revoked either by civil proceeding or pursuant to a criminal conviction.
But statistics show under the Trump Administration, the number of civil cases filed has slowly been on the rise.
“This renewed focus on and renewed use of the tool of denaturalization is an important element in the Trump Administration’s efforts to restore integrity to our legal immigration system,” said Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies. “Because after all, citizenship is the ultimate prize.”
Last year, a new unit was formed in the Los Angeles Office of U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, designed specifically to review the records of people who became U.S. Citizens since 1990. A September 2016 report released by the Inspector General showed that 315,000 old fingerprint records for immigrants who either had criminal convictions or deportation orders against them had not been uploaded into a database used to check identities.
Officials found nearly 900 people who had been ordered deported or removed under a different identity, so now more than 2,500 cases are under the microscope.

Keep reading, it is a very enlightening report.
And, here is the juicy bit when pro-immigration lawyer, Patricia Corrales, let’s the cat out of the bag,

Corrales believes the formation of a unit is a part of a broader plan by the Trump administration to limit legal immigration.
“Because they really want to limit the population of immigrants who may not want to vote for the Republican Party next time – that’s why I think they are doing it, “Corrales said.

Yes, and conversely Ms. Corrales and the Open Borders cabal want as many immigrants voting for Dems as they can get signed up!
Imagine this scenario: Most illegals crossing the border plan to vote for Republicans (just imagine!).  How fast do you think that wall would be built—in a nanosecond!

question markDid you see the news Thursday at Breitbart about how many DACA ‘kids’ voted. John Binder’s story suggested there were enough to flip key districts from red to blue. The big question is how can the Republicans have been so stupid to not see all this coming?