Rural People Want Separation and Freedom from Elite City Overlords

Here is one example of where rural people are fighting back, even if it seems like it is a hopeless case.

I expect it is happening in other states too.

From The Hill:

Group in Colorado county seeks secession from state to join Wyoming

A group of disenfranchised Colorado residents are exploring the possibility of annexing from their home state and changing boundary lines so their entire county becomes part of Wyoming.

Christopher “Todd” Richards is leading the effort with his “Weld County Wyoming” political committee, created last February, according to local outlet Fox 31 KDVR.

The organization is working to get a measure added to the November 2021 ballot that would encourage county commissioners to “engage and explore the annexation of Weld County with the State of Wyoming’s Legislature.”

The purpose of the measure is to “get out from under the thumb” of Colorado’s more liberal government, according to the group’s Facebook page.
“Can this be done? Yes, it can be done. Is it going to be easy? No,” Richards said during a meeting posted to YouTube in November.

Whether it can be done or not, this is the kind of thing many rural communities should be pushing because it helps to educate Americans about how rural people, the country class, have had enough and they are fighting back.

It is a warning shot to the elitists, a warning to the ruling class, and one that does garner mainstream media attention.

By the way, for those who do not follow my Refugee Resettlement blog here is a little factoid.  Wyoming is the only state in the nation that does not resettle refugees and never has in the forty years the UN and the feds have been spreading the third world to rural America.