New Post at RRW: Bosnian Refugees Bail Out of St. Louis

The big lie
Refugees will save dying cities (NOT!)

Check out this morning’s post at the newly reconstructed RRW. 

We are constantly told that refugees and migrants generally will bring economic boom times to dying cities.

Well, that is what they thought happened in St. Louis, but the theory blew up as the nearly two-decades-old Bosnian refugee community there is escaping the crime and heading for suburbia.

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3 thoughts on “New Post at RRW: Bosnian Refugees Bail Out of St. Louis

  1. Not surprised. Law abiding folks flee criminal predators and perps encroaching their communities. Refugee Immigrants tend to bond and stick together. What’s different about these early Bosnian immigrant refugees? Could they have adopted American values? …Unlike current refugee immigrants.

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