Massachusetts Doctor Charged with Paying Teen for Sex

Diversity is beautiful alert!
Once again we see a ‘new American’ doc in trouble with the law.

Dr. Sujan Kayastha is in deep trouble…admitted “he had a deviant sexual interest in tweens.”

This news is from mid-April.  Thanks to a reader for sending it because otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it, nor would you unless you live in Massachusetts and then maybe it would have come to your attention.
Wouldn’t you think that with all the cable news, and the expansion of the media generally, stories might break out of the state where the offense happened?
I guess they are all too busy with Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Russia, Russia, Russia and now Barr, to bother with sexually deviant foreign doctors.
Dr. Sujan Kayastha is from Nepal. What! Is medical doctor now a job Americans won’t do?
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